Friday, April 30, 2010

SBI Interview 2010

Hi friends, I have attended the SBI interview yesterday. Since this is my first interview, the thing was a new experience to me.My interview was during the afternoon session at Classic Avenue hotel in Thiruvananthapuram. I reached the venue at 11.30 am. But I was permitted to enter the hall only at 11.50. All the candidates were allowed to sit in a large hall which is cooled to very low temperature. The candidates were then arranged themselves according to the panel number. I and one of my friend whom I got into acquaintance yesterday at the venue belonged to panel three and were seated behind the hall. So we have to suffer more cooling than others from three sides of the hall. There were some candidates of the morning session waiting for the interview after the certificate verification.
Each candidate were called for the certificate verification. Certificate verification is done very strictly. No loopholes were allowed. Some candidates didn't bring the required documents were sent back to bring back. Some others were allowed to appear the interview by giving a request in a piece of paper. The certificates are verified by several probationary officers. At the end of the verification process, they collect your phone number and email ID. You will be provided with a badge containing a  number denoting  your position in the queue to be called for the interview. You will be given a sticker which contains your panel number has to placed in your shirt which can be seen easily for others.
After the certificate verification you will be called in the order of  the number in your badge. Next three candidates will be seated just outside the interview hall. When your chance come you will be allowed to enter the interview room. We can enter the interview hall in free hand, but most of them held a file bag for hiding their nervousness.
The interview panel consists of four members all aged beyond forties. Of them one was a lady. Each interviewer holds a copy of our biodata in their hand which we handed over during the certificate verification.
They are very friendly in their behavior so that we will open our mind freely to them even without thinking for a moment. First they started asking questions by one interviewer, then next and so on. Later they asks in a random manner. What ever we tried to conceal, they will make us reveal the fraud in us. After asking questions they told me to go.

Questions asked to me:

  • SBI didn't require engineers, being a B.Techian why did you come for the interview ?
  • What is the full form of GSM ?
  • What is the full form of GPRS, Waht is its use ?
  • What is blogging ?
  • Which is your favourite site?
  • Which is the tallest building in the world?
  • Who is the present lok sabha speaker?
  • Who is the present foreign secratary ?
  • After clearing B.Tech why dont you go for Probationary Officer post ?
  • What are the qualities you posses that can be used in the bank ?
  • What are the reasons why you left the technical job ?
  • What is Twitter ?

Questions that heard from others:

  • What is CRR ?
  • Who is the malayalee who presently has the power nearly president ?
  • Questions relating our locality ?
  • Who is the union minister for communication ?
  • Who is the new chief secretary of Kerala ?

Dear candidates, every word from your mouth determines your marks in interview. So beware, especially B.Tech candidates. Best of luck friends....

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