Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Story: The Transformation

At last, that day came. David Cameron was releasing today. The police inspector George Watson called David to his cabin.
“Good morning inspector” wished David.
“Good morning David, once again you are fortunate to see the outside world. I don’t like to see you here again. Try some decent job and live a happy life” Inspector said.
“I am bored of the prison life sir, now I am going to make a new beginning and hope this will be our last meeting” said David.
“Wish you all the best and have a nice day David” said the inspector.
“Thank you sir” said David.
The police returned his clothes and gave some dollars for his expense.
When David left the police station, inspector told his assistant, “I have caught that guy three times for robbery. He is an excellent engineer and is capable of bypassing any security systems without detecting.”
“I have seen him doing some calculations and writes down the equations and formulas on the prison floor.” said the assistant Jacob Bowman.
“Oh! Then there is a high chance for his visit soon...” said the inspector.
David went to his hometown Alope. There he met his old friend Jimmy. Jimmy was running a motor workshop.
“Good morning Jimmy” wished David.
“Hey! Cheerio David, I have been missing you…” replied Jimmy.
“By the way, what is your plan, David?” asked Jimmy.
“I have an algorithm, let’s start the work…” saying this David walked towards a ruined car parked at the corner. He opened the car and took out a box which looks like a briefcase. Then he took another bag from the car containing tools for his job. David had made several tools and devices for himself. The tools were very sophisticated that marked the success of his every operation. David carried the box and bag to Jimmy’s cabin. David started his work on algorithm. As his fingers danced on the keyboard, the algorithm took flesh and it soon transformed into software. Jimmy came to the cabin.
“Are you continuing your old career, David?” asked Jimmy.
“Certainly not, I am planning something huge…” said David.
“David you have been caught by the law enforcements three times for small thefts, then how can you think of a huge deal?” asked Jimmy.
“I am confident this time, it took me ten months to make such an excellent plan” said David.
“Look Jimmy, this is software which is to be installed in the bank administrator’s computer. This software will create a secure connection for us bypassing the firewall. Through this we can do anything with the administrator’s computer” said David.
“Your plan seems to be interesting, but you have to go there physically to install the software in the bank administrator’s computer which is a high risk” warned Jimmy.
“I know that Jimmy, I am going to do it today in the head office of Priority Bank” said David with excitement.
“I like your confidence, but watch your step, my friend...” warned Jimmy.
David reached near Priority Bank at midnight. He started his work at one O’ clock after ensuring the safety of his operation. There were two security guards in front of the entrance. They were armed with pistols. David went to the back side of the compound. There was no security at the hind side of the bank. Very often a security will make a routine visit. David climbed the compound wall of the bank. His eyes scanned every inch of space around him. Ensuring that there was no one near, he climbed down the compound wall into the compound. He then climbed the pipe attached to the side of the building. On reaching the third floor, there was a window near the pipe. David made a small hole in the window pane enough to put his hand in. He then unlocked the window pane from inside by putting his hand inside through the hole.
David entered the bank through the window. He then started search for the administrator’s cabin. After a few minutes of searching, he found the administrator’s cabin. But it was secured with password protected electronic lock. David opened his bag and took out a device. He opened the security device and connected the data cable to the device. He pressed some keys in his device. Soon a large number of characters starts running through the display of his device. After a few seconds, it displayed ‘PASSWORD: 03A27’. Again after a delay of three seconds it again displayed ‘LOCK OPENED’. With a successful smile David entered the administrator’s cabin and installed the software in the computer. He left the place keeping everything as before his arrival.
In the next morning Jimmy was having tea in his cabin in the workshop. David entered the cabin with the smile of a conqueror.
“Good morning Jimmy” wished David.
“Very good morning” replied Jimmy.
“I am leaving for Rosewood tomorrow” said David.
“Why? Are you going to leave your old job?” asked Jimmy.
“I told you that this is a big game, so the play ground is also vast” replied David with a smile of confidence and determination.
Jimmy warned David “Don’t forget David, Where ever you go, inspector Watson’s eyes follow you”.
David smiled and left the cabin.
The next day David took leave of Jimmy and went to the Rosewood to realize his dreams. He went to a local branch of the Priority Bank to open a new account. Jimmy entered the bank. Jimmy went to the staff at the enquiry.
“What can I do for you, sir?” asked the staff at the enquiry.
“Please help me with the formalities in opening a current account in this branch” said David.
Giving a form, the staff said”Sir, you must fill this form and give it to that staff” pointing to another bank staff, he continued “you must also provide proof regarding your identity and also a referrer who have an account in this bank”.
David filled the form with his name as Thomas Crown and provided fake identity proof. He looked around to see is there any face which is willing to refer him to the bank. Suddenly his eyes got struck on a girl who is coming in to the bank.
He exclaimed “Oh! What a beauty that a man might die for “.
He moved towards her and requested her to refer him. She gladly helped him. After getting the account, he asked the cashier about the girl. The cashier told him she was the daughter of that bank’s manager.
From the time he met her, there was a storm in his mind, and all his plans were tumbling down. He started to love the girl and wanted to marry her. His plans take a new dimension. He bought a laptop computer and took an internet connection.
A week after, Priority bank was full of customers who have came there to complain about the loss of money from their account. Some complained about excess money in their account. The bank contacted the company that manufactured the software for the bank, but they refuted the charges stating that the software had passed all the tests.
The case was forwarded to inspector Watson. After reading the detailed report, Watson said” David has started his work. I’m going to meet him soon…”
The software installed by David in the administrator’s computer will take ten dollars from the account of the first person and put it in the second person’s account. After a week it will take twenty dollars from the second person’s account to third person’s account and so on. Finally the entire amount reaches Thomas Crown’s account which will be a huge amount. Normally when an account has lot of money, it will be automatically notified to the law enforcement authorities and the bank administrator. But David disabled the Red Flag in his account. Now the account of Thomas Crown has fifty thousand dollars and is counting up.
David transformed into Thomas Crown not only by name, but also his entire personality. Now he is always in executive style resembling that of a business man. Thomas bought a complex in the central Rosewood. Thomas started a business on computer accessories in the complex. Since there were no other shops in computer accessories, his business flourished.
Thomas met Dora Christina, daughter of the manager of Priority Bank, and made his love.
Dora said, “I knew you are a gentle man and very rich. No girl can reject your proposal. But I am not in a situation for romance. My father is in a trouble and he may lose his job due to bankrupt.”
Thomas reached his home and began to think “Oh! It’s my fault that put Dora’s father in trouble. Now I have enough money, then why should I dump a large bank and threw a lot of people in to the street? I am going to pay back all the money that I have taken from the bank”.
He took up the laptop and break in to the bank’s computer network. He then reversed the operation of the software that he installed in the administrator’s computer. The software took the money for the account of Thomas Crown and deposited in the account of the people who lost their money from their account. When all the money was refunded, the software was removed from the computer by the self destructing program in the software. After the refund, the amount in Thomas account was only $15793 only.
Inspector George Watson reached Rosewood in search of David. He found David in the complex in the central Rosewood.
Watson asked the security of the complex “May I know who is that guy” pointing towards Thomas (David).
“He is Thomas Crown, owner of this complex”, said the security.
“What is he doing here?” asked the inspector.
“He is running a business on computer accessories. Now he is betrothed to Dora Christina, daughter of the Priority bank manager”, said the security.
“Ok, then I will meet him when the time comes” said the inspector and walked away.
After three months, the operation of the Priority bank was normalized and is now gaining more profit. Dora told her father about her love with Thomas Crown. He made a small enquiry about Thomas Crown and agreed for their marriage. Dora’s father did not know that Thomas was David and once he was a thief. Thomas Crown’s business continued its growth in a rapid phase. Now is one of the richest men in Rosewood.
One day Thomas was standing near the window of the third floor of his house looking downwards and enjoying the beauty of the garden below. He began to think of his past. “Life began as a thief and flourished as a great business man all because of a girl” he said to himself. Suddenly a thought came to his mind, “Why should I keep my tools of the old job with me? It may become an evidence for my robbery that I committed in the past. I must give it to Jimmy so that, he may give it to another David who may one day become another Thomas Crown.”
Thomas sends an e-mail to Jimmy. The content of the mail shown below:
Hi Jimmy,
          It has been a very long time since we met each other. Now I am really missing you, my friend. For your surprise, let me reveal one thing, I left my old job and started a new business and earn my living, all because of Dora, my girl. Now I am living happily here with the name Thomas Crown. So I decided to give you my old tools, so that you can help another David who might come into your life. I will board the train to Alope tomorrow. I have a lot of things to share with you my dear.
                         Your friend              
David Cameron    

      Next day, Thomas went to Dora’s house on his way to Alope. Dora’s father showed Thomas the new locker he had bought. The locker was equipped with electronic password protection. Dora’s elder sister Laura was also there. Laura has two daughters. The two children loved Thomas very much. They were great friends.
Thomas had his breakfast from Dora’s house. After the breakfast, Thomas and Dora were speaking of their future plans. Suddenly they heard Laura’s cry. All of them rushed to Laura. She was sitting near the new locker.
  The two girls were playing near the locker. One of them opened the locker and get into the locker. The other locked the locker with the password without knowing seriousness of her act. Dora’s father tried his best to open the locker with force and different passwords by guessing, but in vain.
Laura became impatient and cried helplessly,”Please someone save my child, please…oh God…please….”
Dora’s father said,”Relax Laura, we are trying our best to save the child.”
“The time is running up and my child has little air to breath” she cried “don’t any of you man can’t save my child”.
Thomas moved towards Laura and said calmly, “will you give me the rose in your hat for saving your child?”
Laura looked at Thomas in a surprise, “Are you joking at this moment”, asked Laura.
Thomas with a pleasant smile took the rose from Laura’s hat and fixed it in his pocket. The situation sent Thomas Crown away and brought David Cameron from the past. He with a confident smile tells everyone to move from the locker.
 He then took his bag, opened it, took out his device. He opened the password panel of the locker and connected the device to the data cable of the locker. He pressed some keys of the device. Soon a lot of digits starts running through the display of the device from bottom to top. Then it displayed ‘PASSWORD: 46235’ after a delay of a few seconds, it again displayed ‘LOCK OPENED’. David opened the locker and took the child out. Everyone praised Thomas’ resourcefulness.
 Suddenly someone rang the calling bell. When the door was opened, a gentleman was seen at the gate. Since the gate was at some distance from the house, the man was not clearly seen. Seeing the man, David took his bag and walked to wards the man without saying anything to Dora or family members.
 “Thomas, where are you going?” asked Dora’s father.
But David did not give ear to it and continued his walk towards the man. When he reached near the gate, the man could be clearly seen. Yes, it was inspector George Watson.
“I think it is time for me to come with you” said David.
“Don’t believe that I recognized you, David” said the inspector. “A girl is waiting for you. Go and have a happy life” saying this, the inspector walked towards Rosewood railway station. With a sad face but with a peaceful mind Thomas turned back and walked towards Dora’s house with the face looking down.

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