Friday, June 24, 2011

SBI Recruitment: How to file RTI

Now the test is over and I think that the interview process is also over. Now everyone wants to know the marks. SBI has declared that it will not publish the marks until July 15. SBI may or may not publish the marks in the website. But we can get our marks through Right to Information (RTI). Here I am giving the details for applying for RTI. Applying RTI is simple. Just prepare an application in the format given below and take a postal order of Rs 10/- from the post office that is payable at Mumbai. Put both the application and the postal order in a envolope and sent (preferably by speed post as you will get proof of sending the application) the application in the address given below:

The Dy. General Manager - Promotion
(Central Recruitment &Promotion Department )
State Bank of India
Tulsiani Chambers, 1st Floor, West Wing,
212, Free Press Journal Marg,
Nariman Point,
Mumbai – 400 021

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SBI interview Questions - Questions to my friend (Part - 2)

Now it is nearing the end of the selection process for the clerks for Associate Banks of State Bank of India. Some of my friends who attend the interview on 20,21 and 22 at Thiruvananthapuram told me the questions asked to them. I have given them here for you.
  • Self introduction
  • Personal Questions
  • Recession and how it affected the banks.
  • Why do recession affects foreign banks than Indian banks?
  • What are the causes of bankruptcy during recession? 
  • What type of constitution is Indian constitution - Union or federal?  (IAS aspirant)
  • Names of the counties having federal constitution?   (IAS aspirant)
  • Questions about parliamentary and presidential government   (IAS aspirant)
  • What is e banking?
  • What is core banking?
  • Why do you choose banking after B tech?
  •  Which is the World's most costly car? (hobby : pictures of automobile collection)
  • Why is technology important for banking?
  • What are the technologies used in banking?
  • What is fuse and breakers? (electronics engineering candidate)
  • What have you been doing for the past two year? (For candidates who are not doing academic or job related activities)
  • About RBI regulation of banking
  • Different types of bank account and their interest rate with respect to SBI 

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Friday, June 17, 2011

SBI interview Questions - Questions to my friend (Part - 1)

You may have read my experience of attending the SBI interview at Some of my friends also attend the interview on the same day. This time, interview at three panel was tough. This is because the interview board is checking what the candidate does not know instead of what the candidate knows. Two of the interviewers in my interview panel was asking questions as they were to choose a astronaut for next NASA's flight to Mars. One of them even brought a hand written encyclopedia from which he asked questions to the candidates who came as a bait in front of him. Is SBI is looking for a clerk or scientist in the field of electronics or bio technology or computer engineering or so on.

Questions to my friends:
  • What are the main industries in Kerala - They expect the Technopark as answer
  • What is Self Help Group?
  • personal questions
Another friend who was a BTechian in Biotechnology got questions:
  • Technology used in industry - he will mention a factory and the asks the technology used there
  • about tissue culture
  • BT Cotton - must know everything

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

SBI Interview Questions - Questions asked to me

My interview for SBI Associate Banks Clerical Staff was on 15 June 2011. I have put my previous experience in SBI clerical interview which held on 29 April 2010 at But this time the experience was different. Let me describe the whole experience for you....

My interview was scheduled  in the 8.30 AM at Classic Avenue Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram. I reached the venue around 8.10 AM by bus. All the candidates who arrived at the venue have already been placed in the candidates waiting room inside the hotel. Since this is the second time I am attending the interview, I am familiar with the rooms where interview is taking place. Candidates waiting room is in the third floor. I entered the waiting room and found a seat at the back end of the room and sit there. The front seats were already conquered by female candidates and their parents. So gents have to be seated behind them. Soon I found some of my college and classmates and entered into conversation about the questions that may be asked for the interview.

Verification Process
The certificate verification has already started. There are six panels. There will be two staffs in each panel for certificate verification. The certificates of two candidates will be verified at a time in a panel. Thus twelve candidates will be called for verification at a time. During verification every details in the certificate is thoroughly verified. The candidates who does not bring the required documents were allowed to appear the interview after getting a declaration signed from them. The verification process in the panel 2 was very fast when compared with that of the other panels. After verification, the candidates will be given a sticker with a label 'SBT interview PANEL NO: 6' is printed and the candidate has to be place this sticker in his shirt. My certificate verification completed at around 10.15 AM. Then the candidates are allowed to sit in the waiting room.

The above is a photo showing the candidates waiting for their turn in the candidate's waiting hall


After verification process is finished, I thought that I will be called for interview within an hour. But I was called for interview at 12.00 noon. I and a girl who was before my chance for interview was made to sit in front of the interview room. Each candidate was given a badge containing logo of SBI and the panel number. The interview room was in the 4th floor. The interview is taking place in 6 panels in six individual rooms in the same floor. After one candidate leave the interview room, next candidate has to wait about 5 minutes before entering the interview room. When I entered the room, I saw three interviews instead of the usual number of four. One of the interviewer was a lady as usual. I wished them and they told me take my seat. One of the interviewer who must be the head of the panel is holding a file containing a papers which is written in hand. He goes through these papers and select a question from it and throw it towards me. All the question he asked were from computer science. I gave them answers to most of the questions. But the answer was not even satisfactory to me. They told me that you are an engineering graduate, but you are answering in a layman's language. It was an unexpected situation. All my dreams started collapsing. The next interviewer also asked me questions related to technology. Only the lady has asked me questions from bio-data. Since my father was gold up-riser in bank, she asked questions from that field. I have put out a blunder and they all laughed. After the interview they told me to go. I thanked them and came out of the interview room. I warned the next candidate about the technical questions before leaving the venue.
After interview I returned to the waiting room and took leave of my friends and returned home. If my assumption is right, my marks for interview lies between 25 and 30. The God almighty has written the script and is directing the story. I am doing my character. I God wants, He may introduce turning point in the story by giving me this job - who knows?

Questions asked to me include:

  • introduce yourself
  • tell something about SBI
  • nano technology
  • artificial intelligence
  • a language used in artificial intelligence
  • bio degradable - process
  • What is SAP - I could not answer
  • What is ASCII
  • How to test the purity of gold?
  • What is the name of the stone used for testing the purity of gold?
  • What is the other method used for testing the ornament for spurious (fake) gold?
  • How did your father reacted to the incident of the spurious gold?
A Himalayan Blunder I committed

The lady in the interview board asked me "What is the method for finding the fake gold instead of rubbing the ornament with a stone?" 
I answered "Dip the ornament in Aqua-Regina (a liquid in which gold dissolves) liquid."
One of the other interviewers asked me " Will you dip it in front of the customers?"
All the interviewers laughed. I was shocked - what a huge blunder I had committed?
I changed my answer by saying " Sorry sir, I was mistaken. It was by applying sulfuric acid to the ornament"
They smiled and gave me the indication that the interview was over. 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SBI Interview Questions

SBI Associate Banks Clerical Recruitment Interview began 13th June. One of my friend attended the interview in the morning batch at Thiruvananthapuram Classic Avenue Hotel. I have gathered most of the questions asked to him and is given below.

  1. Self introduction.
  2. About my branch and told me to give a small description production engineering.
  3. How the technolgy devolopment wil help the bank and customer?
  4. About my hobby.
  5. In your view what a banker should possess?
  6. How many branches of SBT are in Kerala?
  7. What is CORE banking, how it wil help the customer?
  8. About the software that i learned.
  9. Why don't you go for a mechanical job?
  10. Will you go to northern states if you are posted?
  11. When are you gong to submit the thesis?

Hints to the selected questions:

3. Technology in banking

  • Banking operations made faster and safer.
  • Customers can withdraw or deposit money at any time through ATM
  • CORE banking allows the customers to avail bank's services from any branch of the bank around the world.
  • Make banking transaction through the computers or even from mobiles.
  • Reduce paper work and cost effective.
  • Reduce staff dependence.
  • Reduce the rush in the banks.
5. Qualities of a banker
  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Punctuality
  • Interactive
  • Friendly
6.  Number of SBT branches in Kerala
  • around 700
7. CORE Banking.
  • CORE stands for Centralized Online Real-Time Exchange.
  • It is a technology in which all the branches of a bank are interconnected to form a network so that a customer can avail bank's service from any of its branches around the world. It is mainly used for deposit and withdrawal of money in the customer's account.

The remaining questions are personal questions and you can answer the questions yourself.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

SBI Interview : Hobbies

Hobbies are one of the interview questions that have a chance for asking. Hobbies are asked as personal question. The question on hobbies are a chance to gain more marks during interview. In early days the common hobbies include reading, gardening,stamp collection, coin collection etc. But now we say modern hobbies like chatting, browsing, blogging etc. Normally the answer - 'I have no hobbies; I have only pass time.' is not generally used, because this may create the impression that the candidate is a lazy guy. So mention a few hobbies. Try to say modern hobbies and a traditional hobby. By the term modern hobby, I mean hobbies like chatting, blogging, browsing, data mining, Instant messaging etc. By traditional hobbies I mean gardening, travelling, collection of stamp,coins, currencies etc. I will give you a few hobbies and expected questions about that hobby.

1. Browsing

  • Which is your favorite website?
  • Why do you like that website?
  • Who is the founder of that website?
  • What is the purpose/content of that website?

2. Blogging

  • What do you meant by blogging?
  • Who is the service provider of your blog?
  • In which domain you are hosting your blog?
  • Is it a free domain or paid domain?
  • Which is the company that owns blogspot?
  • Name some websites the hosts blogging?
  • What is the theme of your blog?
  • What is the main content of your blog?
  • How frequent do you post in your blog?
3. Books

  • Which is your favorite book?
  • What is the theme of the book?
  • What type of book is it?
  • Which is the last book you have read?
  • Please say something about the favorite/last read book.
Please check out the authors of the famous books and the authors who won Nobel prize and Man Booker Prize last year. Also the Books by Indians honored internationally has to be learnt.

4.Watching Movies

  • Which is your favorite movie?
  • Who is the main actor/actress?
  • Who is the stooge?
  • What type of movie is it?
  • Why did you like that movie?
  • Who is the director/producer of the movie?
  • Can you narrate the story in a few words?
Also note the latest winners of the Oscar awards.

The above given is only common hobbies. After reading these questions you were able to estimate what type of questions will be asked to you based on your hobby. So prepare for that and attend the interview with confidence. 

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

SBI interview Questions - Personal Questions

The interview for the clerical post for the associate banks of State Bank of India will commence on 13th June 2011. The persons attending interview from 14th onward may get an idea about the questions asked in the interview and the style of interview from their friends who attended the interview on 13th. My interview schedule is on 15th of this month. So I can collect the details of the interview from my friends who attend the interview on 13 th and 14th. I will publish the details I will get from my friends in this blog. So keep visiting this blog for the latest updates.
It is the recent trend in SBI to ask the personal questions. However they get a clear picture of your personality from your answers. Answer the questions frankly. Don't try to lie unless the truth may harm you. They like honest candidates. Believe me, its my experience. While the interview is nearing the completion, we can get an approximate idea of our marks in interview. Can you guess how is it? Simple, during interview if we became one among them or if one of them answer a question for you when an interviewer throws a question towards you or asks anything about our attitude after getting the job, we can make sure that our marks lies between 30 and 35. If you are facing a repulsion from the interviewers, you are in trouble - you score below 30 marks but not go too below.

Now let us discuss some of the personal questions they may ask:

Self Introduction:

'Introduce Yourself' may be the first question that came to our mind when we think about the personal questions that may asked during the interview. But it has less importance in SBI interview because your bio-data is already given to each of the interviewer before you enter the interview room. So there is no relevance for that question. However we must not take chance! So we have to make a small preparation to meet this question. Self introduction must have certain details. Every words that fall from your lips must be with utmost care since each details may serve you a question. They are given below.

  • Name
  • Place
  • Qualification
  • Age
  • Family Details (Name and occupation of father and mother, name and present status of other members if any.)
  • Hobbies
  • My Ambition (express your will to get the job in SBI)


The interviewers can know your hobbies from your bio-data that you have submitted. So we cant expect a question 'what is your hobby?' from the interviewers. You must thoroughly know to explain about your hobbies. If reading is your hobby, then you must know some of the famous books and their authors. Also you must know the recent winners of the Booker Prize and Nobel Prize.


Normally you may expect a question on whether you like your graduation subject or not. Say frankly whether you like or not, but do not give a totally negative answer. The almost sure question is 'Being a graduate why don't you opt for PO instead of Bank Clerk?' Another question mainly for professional graduate candidates is 'Being a professional graduate, why don't you opt for a better job in private sector?'


Last year the question - 'Say about your place' was thrown to candidates in order to trap them. All my friends who got this question scored less than 30 marks in the interview. If you get such a question, don't worry, just take it as a challenge - do not forget to prepare the answer before you set out for the interview. You may get the details from Wikipedia.

Strengths and weakness

The questions related to strengths and weakness are not usually asked. But don't ignore it completely. While mentioning weakness, try to say positive weakness like friends or family. Also prepare an answer for the question - 'How will you overcome your weakness?'

Role Model

This question can be expected. You must answer sincerely. You may mention your father or mother or leaders like Gandhiji, Manmohan Singh etc. Provided you must know the person well.

Favorite Book/Film/Novel/Drama etc

You may surely expect question from this session. You does not require deep knowledge in this category, but must know something and must have an opinion of your self - 'why I like this'.


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SBI may declare the interview results soon

Yesterday on the Opportunities supplement of the The Hindu News Paper, there was a notice by CRPD saying that the call letter for the interview of the candidates for clerical post and the bio-data cum attestation form has already been dispatched to the selected candidates. Also there is provision for downloading the call letter and the bio-data cum attestation form from

SBI also mentioned that any inquiry regarding the marks will not be entertained until the mid July. This gives the meaning that the final result may be out in the month of July

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SBI Interview Questions - Questions asked to me

SBI interview questions are mainly from your bio-data(personal), Current affairs including banking and from your academic(degree) subjects. Below given is the some of the personal questions asked to me during my last interview on SBI.


  1. After completing B Tech, why do you come for a bank job instead of a IT job where you will get better payment?
  2. Being a graduate, why don't you go for PO instead of clerical post?
  3. Being a professional graduate, you will have some unique qualities that other graduates do not posses. What are they?
  4.  Do you like the subject electronics?
  5. You told me that you have rejected the private jobs that you have got. What is the reason for rejection of the job?
  6. After completing B Tech, what have you been doing these days?
  7. Do you learned any computer courses or any such things?
  8. Your hobbies are blogging and browsing, what is blogging?
  9. Which is your favorite website?
  10. Your are 22 years old. Do you know how many years of service you have if you get this job?
  11. Who is your favorite actor and actress?

  1. What is GSM?
  2. What is GPRS?

Current Affairs

  1. Who is our foreign secretary?
  2. Who is our lok sabha speaker?
  3. Which is the highest building in the world?
  4. What do you know about twitter?

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SBI interview tips

So friends, we have passed the SBI written exam. That means we have passed the first phase. Then comes the second phase which is the only thing left before us and the job, that is the interview phase. Ok, I am writting this post on the basis of my previous experience in interviews. Many of the candidates are worried about the interview. But I say, you have no need to worry. Just attend the interview as usual. Remember the incident of first interview narrated by Abdul Kalam in his autobiography - 'Best results come from the relaxed mind'. So be cool during the interview. Here are certain tips for you to prepare for the interview.

  • Reach the venue in time.
  • Maintain proper dress code.
  • Use only deodrant and not perfumes.
  • Be sure you have all the required documents for attending the interview. If you forget anything, you may be allowed to attend the interview, but there is a chance for reducing marks.
  • Be carefull while entering the interview room, the door is gently shut without making noise.
  • A lady will be there in the interview panal. When you enter the room first wish her then wish others. For eg. Good morning madam and sirs.
  • Try to maintain a pleasant and fresh face.
  • Be careful about your body language.
  • Dont be oversmart during the interview, it will create a bad impression in the minds of the interviewers. 
  • Be frank and dont try to pretend against your true personality. 
  • Do not forget to maintain eye contact with the interviewers. 
  • Try to give equal regardness to all the interviewers. 
  • Only give descriptive answers if the question by the interviewer demands it.
  • Give answers in your own sentence, not the sentence you learnt from books or coaching centers.
  • Most of the questions are related to personal. So prepare for the questions relating to hobbies, strengths, weakness etc.
  • If you are asked to describe about your place, there may be a hidden trap in the question. So know your place well.
  • Do not leave the interview room until the interviewer informs you that the interview is over.
  • Say thanks to the interviewers after the interview.
  • Do not look back while you are exiting from the interview room.
  • Gently shut the door while exiting from the interview room.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

SBI Interview

After the declaration of the result of the SBI Associate Banks Clerical Exam, every candidate who have passed the exam is eagerly looking for interview. I think most of the candidates have got their call letters through mail. The candidates who are appearing for the interview for the first time may have lot of tension in mind. Don’t worry, you may check my experience in the previous interview at:
Now let me give you details about the previous SBI interview for the written test held in November 2009. 34,29,375 candidates applied for the written exam. Of them 88,383 candidates were called for the interview. Only 25,327 candidates were selected finally after the interview process. I got these details from SBI through RTI ( Ref No. R- 1362).

The details of the marks published by SBI are also shown. The below given details are with respect to Kerala circle.

Last year the competition was tough. SBI had to conduct exam on three days with six set of question paper. But this time the competition was reduced to nearly one third while the number of vaccancy remains almost same. This shows that this time less number of candidates will be rejected compared to last year.
this time, according to my calculation,
Expected No of candidates called for SBT interview Kerala:

 General         = 1401
 Reservation   = 1435 
 Total             = 2836 
Vacancy       = 754 
 Rejection      = 2082

I think, now you have got a vague image of the recruitment process. Next time I will put posts relating to interview preparation and questions.


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