Monday, June 6, 2011

SBI Interview

After the declaration of the result of the SBI Associate Banks Clerical Exam, every candidate who have passed the exam is eagerly looking for interview. I think most of the candidates have got their call letters through mail. The candidates who are appearing for the interview for the first time may have lot of tension in mind. Don’t worry, you may check my experience in the previous interview at:
Now let me give you details about the previous SBI interview for the written test held in November 2009. 34,29,375 candidates applied for the written exam. Of them 88,383 candidates were called for the interview. Only 25,327 candidates were selected finally after the interview process. I got these details from SBI through RTI ( Ref No. R- 1362).

The details of the marks published by SBI are also shown. The below given details are with respect to Kerala circle.

Last year the competition was tough. SBI had to conduct exam on three days with six set of question paper. But this time the competition was reduced to nearly one third while the number of vaccancy remains almost same. This shows that this time less number of candidates will be rejected compared to last year.
this time, according to my calculation,
Expected No of candidates called for SBT interview Kerala:

 General         = 1401
 Reservation   = 1435 
 Total             = 2836 
Vacancy       = 754 
 Rejection      = 2082

I think, now you have got a vague image of the recruitment process. Next time I will put posts relating to interview preparation and questions.


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