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SBI interview Questions - Personal Questions

The interview for the clerical post for the associate banks of State Bank of India will commence on 13th June 2011. The persons attending interview from 14th onward may get an idea about the questions asked in the interview and the style of interview from their friends who attended the interview on 13th. My interview schedule is on 15th of this month. So I can collect the details of the interview from my friends who attend the interview on 13 th and 14th. I will publish the details I will get from my friends in this blog. So keep visiting this blog for the latest updates.
It is the recent trend in SBI to ask the personal questions. However they get a clear picture of your personality from your answers. Answer the questions frankly. Don't try to lie unless the truth may harm you. They like honest candidates. Believe me, its my experience. While the interview is nearing the completion, we can get an approximate idea of our marks in interview. Can you guess how is it? Simple, during interview if we became one among them or if one of them answer a question for you when an interviewer throws a question towards you or asks anything about our attitude after getting the job, we can make sure that our marks lies between 30 and 35. If you are facing a repulsion from the interviewers, you are in trouble - you score below 30 marks but not go too below.

Now let us discuss some of the personal questions they may ask:

Self Introduction:

'Introduce Yourself' may be the first question that came to our mind when we think about the personal questions that may asked during the interview. But it has less importance in SBI interview because your bio-data is already given to each of the interviewer before you enter the interview room. So there is no relevance for that question. However we must not take chance! So we have to make a small preparation to meet this question. Self introduction must have certain details. Every words that fall from your lips must be with utmost care since each details may serve you a question. They are given below.

  • Name
  • Place
  • Qualification
  • Age
  • Family Details (Name and occupation of father and mother, name and present status of other members if any.)
  • Hobbies
  • My Ambition (express your will to get the job in SBI)


The interviewers can know your hobbies from your bio-data that you have submitted. So we cant expect a question 'what is your hobby?' from the interviewers. You must thoroughly know to explain about your hobbies. If reading is your hobby, then you must know some of the famous books and their authors. Also you must know the recent winners of the Booker Prize and Nobel Prize.


Normally you may expect a question on whether you like your graduation subject or not. Say frankly whether you like or not, but do not give a totally negative answer. The almost sure question is 'Being a graduate why don't you opt for PO instead of Bank Clerk?' Another question mainly for professional graduate candidates is 'Being a professional graduate, why don't you opt for a better job in private sector?'


Last year the question - 'Say about your place' was thrown to candidates in order to trap them. All my friends who got this question scored less than 30 marks in the interview. If you get such a question, don't worry, just take it as a challenge - do not forget to prepare the answer before you set out for the interview. You may get the details from Wikipedia.

Strengths and weakness

The questions related to strengths and weakness are not usually asked. But don't ignore it completely. While mentioning weakness, try to say positive weakness like friends or family. Also prepare an answer for the question - 'How will you overcome your weakness?'

Role Model

This question can be expected. You must answer sincerely. You may mention your father or mother or leaders like Gandhiji, Manmohan Singh etc. Provided you must know the person well.

Favorite Book/Film/Novel/Drama etc

You may surely expect question from this session. You does not require deep knowledge in this category, but must know something and must have an opinion of your self - 'why I like this'.


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  1. My interview will be on 16th. Kindly post your friends experience on this blog.