Thursday, June 16, 2011

SBI Interview Questions - Questions asked to me

My interview for SBI Associate Banks Clerical Staff was on 15 June 2011. I have put my previous experience in SBI clerical interview which held on 29 April 2010 at But this time the experience was different. Let me describe the whole experience for you....

My interview was scheduled  in the 8.30 AM at Classic Avenue Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram. I reached the venue around 8.10 AM by bus. All the candidates who arrived at the venue have already been placed in the candidates waiting room inside the hotel. Since this is the second time I am attending the interview, I am familiar with the rooms where interview is taking place. Candidates waiting room is in the third floor. I entered the waiting room and found a seat at the back end of the room and sit there. The front seats were already conquered by female candidates and their parents. So gents have to be seated behind them. Soon I found some of my college and classmates and entered into conversation about the questions that may be asked for the interview.

Verification Process
The certificate verification has already started. There are six panels. There will be two staffs in each panel for certificate verification. The certificates of two candidates will be verified at a time in a panel. Thus twelve candidates will be called for verification at a time. During verification every details in the certificate is thoroughly verified. The candidates who does not bring the required documents were allowed to appear the interview after getting a declaration signed from them. The verification process in the panel 2 was very fast when compared with that of the other panels. After verification, the candidates will be given a sticker with a label 'SBT interview PANEL NO: 6' is printed and the candidate has to be place this sticker in his shirt. My certificate verification completed at around 10.15 AM. Then the candidates are allowed to sit in the waiting room.

The above is a photo showing the candidates waiting for their turn in the candidate's waiting hall


After verification process is finished, I thought that I will be called for interview within an hour. But I was called for interview at 12.00 noon. I and a girl who was before my chance for interview was made to sit in front of the interview room. Each candidate was given a badge containing logo of SBI and the panel number. The interview room was in the 4th floor. The interview is taking place in 6 panels in six individual rooms in the same floor. After one candidate leave the interview room, next candidate has to wait about 5 minutes before entering the interview room. When I entered the room, I saw three interviews instead of the usual number of four. One of the interviewer was a lady as usual. I wished them and they told me take my seat. One of the interviewer who must be the head of the panel is holding a file containing a papers which is written in hand. He goes through these papers and select a question from it and throw it towards me. All the question he asked were from computer science. I gave them answers to most of the questions. But the answer was not even satisfactory to me. They told me that you are an engineering graduate, but you are answering in a layman's language. It was an unexpected situation. All my dreams started collapsing. The next interviewer also asked me questions related to technology. Only the lady has asked me questions from bio-data. Since my father was gold up-riser in bank, she asked questions from that field. I have put out a blunder and they all laughed. After the interview they told me to go. I thanked them and came out of the interview room. I warned the next candidate about the technical questions before leaving the venue.
After interview I returned to the waiting room and took leave of my friends and returned home. If my assumption is right, my marks for interview lies between 25 and 30. The God almighty has written the script and is directing the story. I am doing my character. I God wants, He may introduce turning point in the story by giving me this job - who knows?

Questions asked to me include:

  • introduce yourself
  • tell something about SBI
  • nano technology
  • artificial intelligence
  • a language used in artificial intelligence
  • bio degradable - process
  • What is SAP - I could not answer
  • What is ASCII
  • How to test the purity of gold?
  • What is the name of the stone used for testing the purity of gold?
  • What is the other method used for testing the ornament for spurious (fake) gold?
  • How did your father reacted to the incident of the spurious gold?
A Himalayan Blunder I committed

The lady in the interview board asked me "What is the method for finding the fake gold instead of rubbing the ornament with a stone?" 
I answered "Dip the ornament in Aqua-Regina (a liquid in which gold dissolves) liquid."
One of the other interviewers asked me " Will you dip it in front of the customers?"
All the interviewers laughed. I was shocked - what a huge blunder I had committed?
I changed my answer by saying " Sorry sir, I was mistaken. It was by applying sulfuric acid to the ornament"
They smiled and gave me the indication that the interview was over. 

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