Friday, June 17, 2011

SBI interview Questions - Questions to my friend (Part - 1)

You may have read my experience of attending the SBI interview at Some of my friends also attend the interview on the same day. This time, interview at three panel was tough. This is because the interview board is checking what the candidate does not know instead of what the candidate knows. Two of the interviewers in my interview panel was asking questions as they were to choose a astronaut for next NASA's flight to Mars. One of them even brought a hand written encyclopedia from which he asked questions to the candidates who came as a bait in front of him. Is SBI is looking for a clerk or scientist in the field of electronics or bio technology or computer engineering or so on.

Questions to my friends:
  • What are the main industries in Kerala - They expect the Technopark as answer
  • What is Self Help Group?
  • personal questions
Another friend who was a BTechian in Biotechnology got questions:
  • Technology used in industry - he will mention a factory and the asks the technology used there
  • about tissue culture
  • BT Cotton - must know everything

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