Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SBI interview Questions - Questions to my friend (Part - 2)

Now it is nearing the end of the selection process for the clerks for Associate Banks of State Bank of India. Some of my friends who attend the interview on 20,21 and 22 at Thiruvananthapuram told me the questions asked to them. I have given them here for you.
  • Self introduction
  • Personal Questions
  • Recession and how it affected the banks.
  • Why do recession affects foreign banks than Indian banks?
  • What are the causes of bankruptcy during recession? 
  • What type of constitution is Indian constitution - Union or federal?  (IAS aspirant)
  • Names of the counties having federal constitution?   (IAS aspirant)
  • Questions about parliamentary and presidential government   (IAS aspirant)
  • What is e banking?
  • What is core banking?
  • Why do you choose banking after B tech?
  •  Which is the World's most costly car? (hobby : pictures of automobile collection)
  • Why is technology important for banking?
  • What are the technologies used in banking?
  • What is fuse and breakers? (electronics engineering candidate)
  • What have you been doing for the past two year? (For candidates who are not doing academic or job related activities)
  • About RBI regulation of banking
  • Different types of bank account and their interest rate with respect to SBI 

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