Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SBI interview tips

So friends, we have passed the SBI written exam. That means we have passed the first phase. Then comes the second phase which is the only thing left before us and the job, that is the interview phase. Ok, I am writting this post on the basis of my previous experience in interviews. Many of the candidates are worried about the interview. But I say, you have no need to worry. Just attend the interview as usual. Remember the incident of first interview narrated by Abdul Kalam in his autobiography - 'Best results come from the relaxed mind'. So be cool during the interview. Here are certain tips for you to prepare for the interview.

  • Reach the venue in time.
  • Maintain proper dress code.
  • Use only deodrant and not perfumes.
  • Be sure you have all the required documents for attending the interview. If you forget anything, you may be allowed to attend the interview, but there is a chance for reducing marks.
  • Be carefull while entering the interview room, the door is gently shut without making noise.
  • A lady will be there in the interview panal. When you enter the room first wish her then wish others. For eg. Good morning madam and sirs.
  • Try to maintain a pleasant and fresh face.
  • Be careful about your body language.
  • Dont be oversmart during the interview, it will create a bad impression in the minds of the interviewers. 
  • Be frank and dont try to pretend against your true personality. 
  • Do not forget to maintain eye contact with the interviewers. 
  • Try to give equal regardness to all the interviewers. 
  • Only give descriptive answers if the question by the interviewer demands it.
  • Give answers in your own sentence, not the sentence you learnt from books or coaching centers.
  • Most of the questions are related to personal. So prepare for the questions relating to hobbies, strengths, weakness etc.
  • If you are asked to describe about your place, there may be a hidden trap in the question. So know your place well.
  • Do not leave the interview room until the interviewer informs you that the interview is over.
  • Say thanks to the interviewers after the interview.
  • Do not look back while you are exiting from the interview room.
  • Gently shut the door while exiting from the interview room.

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