Friday, July 29, 2011

Trojan asteroid leads earth in its orbit around the Sun

One of the headlines of the newspaper is about an asteroid who is sharing the same orbit as that of our own planet earth. But we are aware of the trojan asteroids of other planets like Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. The moons of Saturn have most known trojan satellites. The moons of Saturn have most known trojan satellites. Saturn's moons Tethys and Dione has two moons each.Ok we are aware of the new trojan asteroid, do you know what a trojan asteroid is?

In astronomy, trojan is a tiny planet or neutral satellite which shares the orbit of a larger planet or satellite, but they never collide each other.
The new companion of Earth is named 2010 TK7. It has a diameter of 300 metres. It is discovered using Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) at 80 million Km away from the earth. These are not the matters that make 2010 TK7 an important one. The asteroid is small in size which makes it easier to cool than that of earth. So the heavy elements will remain near the surface. But in earth, the heavy elements are supposed to be concentrated near the core. Hence this asteroid can serve as a source of heavy and rare element in the future.  
Our forefathers didn't dream of  such a tremendous growth of science and technology we have witnessing. So now we can dream our children dating in the moon.

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