Monday, August 15, 2011

Android Vulnerable To Attack

Today’s hero in the mobile phone operating system is Google’s Android. Today the world is seeing a huge demand for the Android powered smart phones and tabs than other products. Even Apple fears the popularity of Android. The Samsung which started using Android for its smart phone models Galaxy and for the tab even crossed estimated sales within a short period after the launch.
Android is a Open Source Operating System for mobiles designed and developed by Google. It is packed with lots of features and enhanced security features that many of the people who bought products running on Android are satisfied. But the reality seems to be different. The new findings shows that there are many fays in which hackers can exploit the vulnerable points of the Android Operating System. The researchers Riley Hassell and Shane Macaulay found out more than a dozen of the applications that are commonly used that can make phones vulnerable to attack. Some apps expose themselves to outside contact. If these apps are vulnerable, then an attacker can remotely compromise that app and potentially the phone using something as simple as a text message.
However the researchers didn’t disclose more details in the public domain since it may gave a chance for the hackers to start a series of attacks on the android phone users.

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