Friday, August 19, 2011

Anna Hazare in India, Jhangir Ahktar in Pakistan

The anti corruption movement led by Anna Hazare has been dominating the medias not only in India, but also in all over the world. The western media have started giving the news in front page of their publications. Yet another Gandhi to conquer the minds of the whole world. Bravo Anna Hazare...

The corruption occurs not only in India but all over the world. But the magnitude and extend of corruption varies from country to country. In India corruption came to the lime light with the exposing of the 2G scam, Common Wealth Games SCAM, ISRO - Devas multimedia scam, Adarsh scam etc etc....The magnitude of these scam is huge means there is lot of money involved in this scam. What made people angry is poor social spending while corruption and accumulation of wealth in certain sections of the society dominated by politicians. Later the reluctance of the Government to bring back the illegal money in Swiz Bank add fuel to fire.
Even Prime Minister Manmohan Singh admitted that he had to compromise on several occasions to prevent the falling of government and to go for elections on every six months since there is no single party to have majority to run the government. But Anna Hazare didn't care for the government, he cares for his country. This made him a world hero.
Now a business man from Pakistan is also preparing to launch a hunger strike against the corruption and high budget spending for the army in Pakistan. He said that Anna Hazare was not his inspiration. He decided to launch hunger strike even before Hazare starting fast unto death. He has to postpone his strike due to Ramadan. He will start his hunger strike soon after Ramadan. He wanted the Government of Pakistan to make a law against corruption and also to reduce the army spending. He also want the government to increase the spending on social welfare. Present spending is only 2 % of the budget spending. He want to change all this.
But the situation in Pakistan is not like India. The Indian government is against protest, but didn't cause causalities for the protesters. India respects human rights. The venue for Anna Hazare's protest has been well checked by security personal for Anna's Security. The government fears the public. But in Pakistan, the situation is not so. The situation is volatile in Pakistan. The anti-India sentiments is alleviating. People are not safe from terrorism. Even military lacks capability to combat terrorism. The media has restrictions in Pakistan which will prevent the motivation of people at a larger scale. So the chance for the success of the hunger strike by this poor business man is low means it is a distant dream.

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