Friday, August 19, 2011

Bharti's Tablet Computer, a Challenger to iPad

While the competition between the global players is peaking up, domestic players started their race in the domestic market in India. India, one of the largest telecom market in the world is facing tough competitions from both global and domestic players. The major companies like Apple, Samsung etc are competing to tap the India's 1.2 billion predicted customers. The market conditions in India are slightly different from the markets in the developed countries. Here the customers look for feature packed durable product at affordable prices. This puts the competitors in the peril.
Now the domestic players started their race by introducing low cost feature packed tablet computer in the market. This is a big blow to the global competitors. Beetel Teletech, the phone - equipment arm of Bharti Enterprises has launched a tablet at just Rs 9999/- ($220). The tablet is 18 cm (7 inch). The tablet is named Magiq tablet. It is packed with 8 GB memory that can be expanded to 16 GB, 3G, WiFi, front and rear 2MP camera. Tablet runs on the Android 2.2 Operating System.
Since Magiq is cheaper than iPad, Galaxy tab and Reliance Communication's Android Tablet, Bharti is hopping to gain a good market share. But there is also opinion among the market watchers that only a small portion of the Indian population can afford this tablet computers and the remaining population even not thinking about the need for the tablet PC. But the silver lining for domestic players is the market share of the domestic players has gone up to 18 percent from less than one percent in 2008.

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