Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brain Chips from IBM

Don't you imagine about computers that have the capacity to learn themselves and act according to the situation? The terminator series from Hollywood gives a high level imagination in this respect. The Tamil Movie Enthiran (The Robot) goes even a step further. The scientists around the world have been working very hard to make a system that can learn from the surrounding and can act according to it. Even though there is some stories of Artificial Intelligence with a little success is common, a chip with this capability was a distant dream for many researchers. Now the researchers at IBM has developed a new chip - a 'brain chip'.

The new concept is completely taken from the biological knowledge. Once again the engineers have to depend on the supreme engineer God to make a breakthrough. The new chip has been made by the 'reverse engineering of the brain'. The chip works by its connection as it comes across new information. You may now think - can chip can make new connection by soldering and desoldering its own circuit? Definitely no. The chip will learn the new information and decides which connections are important and which are not. Then it will activate the important one by letting the signals pass through it smoothly, while the usage of less important are reduced. Thus new connections are established and useless ones are made idle.
The new invention has enabled us to think of robots doing house hold jobs without commanding anything to them, computer that searches for the information we require in the internet even without our mentioning.. oh oh the list is so long...It will lead to a revolution; think about operating system protects itself from viruses...

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