Monday, August 15, 2011

Fake Apple Stores in China

As you know China is famous for its cheap products. There is no other country in the world who can manufacture and sell products this much cheaper. The Chinese duplicate low cost products is affecting the markets world wide. But here the story is different.
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In China they are selling the genuine Apple products, but smuggled from the west without paying taxes. The sales is carried out by shops which are not the authorized to sell Apple products. After a blog post by an American living in China, the Chinese authorities searched 300 stores and found out several fake stores. Chinese authorities have also ordered fake shops to shut down immediately.
Authorities in China’s southwestern city of Kunming have identified another 22 unauthorized Apple retailers weeks after a fake of the company’s store in the city sparked an international storm. - Reuters
United States and other western countries have accused China for not protecting the Intellectual Property Rights of the companies. This is the seventh time that China is listed in the US Trade Representative’s office as the one of the country with worst records in preventing copy right theft.

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