Friday, August 12, 2011

Software to beat Web censors

You may have experienced the problem of Web censorship that prevent you from visiting particular sites. For example in China, the censorship is so strict that you are even not able to access certain high definition Youtube videos. Most of the muslim dominated nations and some other nations censors websites with pornographic contents. In India, viewing pornographic materials is not a crime. But exhibiting pornographic material is a serious crime.
China is famous for having strict internet filters that prevent the Chinese citizens from visiting restricted sites. Some countries even block social networking sites on the grounds of social and religious sentiments.
Now a team of scientists have developed a software that could enable the citizens from the countries like China having strict internet filters to visit the website they want. The software is named Telex. This software hides data from banned websites inside traffic from sites deemed safe. It draws on well-known encryption techniques to conceal data making it hard to decipher. So far, Telex is only a prototype but in tests it has been able to defeat Chinese web filters.
Most of the anti-censorship programs works by connecting to a server outside the nation where the user lives. But this software operates within the network or the server in the nation where the user lives.
Now the censoring authorities have to design and develop new technology to block the unwanted websites.

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