Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why I support Anna Hazare

Now the real hero in India was the Gandhian and social activist Anna Hazare. His real name is Kisan Baburao Hazare. Now in every media from local news papers to internet, lots of Indians are supporting Anna's movement against corruption. The powerful UPA government is now shaken before the one and only Anna. He was really a hero not just for the movement against corruption, but for bringing a downtrodden village to fore front. The village has now became a model village. We doesn't need to wait for decades to see India became a super power if there were minimum of 25 Anna Hazares across India. The strictness of an army man and Satyagraha of a Gandhian made Anna Hazare a unique leader in India. He is a model not only for Indians, but for all the world.

In the beginning of the movement against corruption, I respected him. But the entry of Baba Ramdev completely blew all the respect for him. However the Government of India corrected their mistake in the later stage and this forced Ramdev to keep away from the anti corruption movement since he lost the support of the majority of the people. Now he must be under the scanner of Income Tax (IT) Department  and Enforcement Department (ED). He must be practicing yoga under a better Guru to get peace from IT and ED now. But yesterday I was surprised to see the protesters not even considering their health try to stop the car carrying Anna to Tihar jail where the corrupted people of the UPA government is jailed. Light and darkness in the same place. Heaven only knows what is the ethics behind this. Today I went through the article in Wikipedia about Anna Hazare. The article greatly influenced me. His action in Ralegan Siddhi made me think why I am so late to stand by the side of Anna and fight for corruption.

 We are ready to get arrested and be beaten up but we have had enough of corruption. We are ready to sacrifice our lives
 - Anna Hazare
So now I support Anna by both mind and soul to fight against corruption. I admire Manmohan Singh for his reforms that made India a global player. But I hate a Prime Minister who keeps silence against corruption. I love UPA government, but I love my country more... JAI HIND.

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