Tuesday, September 13, 2011

iBall Launched Slide Tablet for Rs 13995

Even though there are predictions that Indian market is not ready for Tablet PCs, iBall has launched Slide Tablet for just Rs 13995. Most of the Indians who uses tablet PC may be of Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad. This is not because others are not interested in Tablet PC, but due to the prices are not affordable to ordinary Indians. Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad is priced around 30000 INR or more which is a huge price for the ordinary Indians. This huge prices enables the common man only to dream about the Tablet PC.
Now the local competitors as well as international competitors are trying their luck in the Indian market. Now iBall, a Mumbai based company has come up with a slide Tablet with an affordable price of 13995 INR. iBall is not a new company. It has been a known brand in the Indian market for their products including mouse, keyboard, USB Dongles, Web Cam etc. There is a chance for the international players to reduce the price of their tablet since the local players are selling tablets for low prices. Lets wait and see who will win the race...

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