Friday, September 16, 2011

RBI to declare the policy rates today

As the inflation is increasing at a higher rate, the Reserve Bank of India will have to take tough stance to tame the inflation. Reserve Bank of India will declare mid quarter policy review today. The Reserve Bank of India has to consider the trade off between inflation and growth. Last time Reserve Bank of India has increased the policy rates ignoring the concerns of the industry. Now once again the Reserve Bank of India is going to over rule the fears of the panic stricken industries. The industries are calling for a relaxation of the policy rates. But Reserve Bank of India is getting ready to compromise the growth for taming the unchecked inflation. But due to the crisis in the Euro zone, Reserve Bank of India may only increase the policy rates only in small doses in order to avoid a crisis in India.

Present policy rates (From RBI's website) are listed below:

Bank Rate                                            :  6.0%
Repo Rate                                            :  8.0%
Reverse Repo Rate                               :  7.0%
Marginal Standing Facility Rate             :  9.0%

 Reserve Ratios:

CRR                           :  6.0%
SLR                            :  24%

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