Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Power of Simplicity


             Who is the Miss Universe of 2005? Don't know? OK, then what is the name of the most powerful person in the list published by Forbes Magazine in 2011? OR who is in the cover page of the first edition of TIME magazine in 2012? OR What is the name of the last POPE of Vatican? OR ........; the questions are going on.....
              Do you know answer to the any of the above questions? No? The above persons have appeared  in the front page of the several news papers at that time. They are celebrated by the media as the persons who reached the top of the world. Yet you don't know them? Are you so weak in General knowledge? You may be thinking I am going to talk you about the knowledge of current affairs or GK. But fortunately I am not. Let me throw you another simple question- Who is your class teacher in 10th standard? I know that you know the answer.
              Why don't you remember the famous personalities even though the media celebrated them several times- you must have seen them several times in the media like news paper, magazine, TV, internet etc. Yet you remember a school teacher who is not even mentioned in the media? Because these celebrities didn't influenced your character or personality, but a school teacher did that - she moulded your character and personality. That is why she occupied in your mind even though any of the media mentioned her to you. A simple school teacher has override a celebrity, that too in a simple way but with a high impact.
There is a story depicting the power of simplicity. Once there lived an old man. He was running a shop in a street. A boy frequently visited the shop. One day, the boy noticed a ring in the finger of the old man. The ring has became dark and dirt due to the aging. The boy asked the old man why don't you throw away the old ring and buy a new ring. The old man smiled and give the ring to the boy and asked him to go to different shops in the street and ask what price will the ring fetch. The boy took the ring and went out. First he went to a retail metal dealer and asked for the price of the ring. 
                  After examining the ring, the metal dealer told the boy that the ring will fetch Rs 5 and nothing more. The boy then went to a scrap dealer. He offered Rs 10 for the ring. The boy went to several shops and returned to the old man. The old man asked the boy about the price and the boy replied that the price ranges from 5 to 10. Then the boy asked the old man, are you going to sell this old ring instead of throwing away. The old man once again requested the boy to go to a jewellery and asked for the price. The boy think it was a joke, but he decided to do that. The boy went to a jewellery and asked for the price. The boy was astonished to hear the price of the ring - 1.4 lakhs.  The boy returned to the old man and asked what all these things mean. The real value of the ring was concealed to the metal dealer or scrap dealer. Its real value was revealed by a jeweller  who can distinguish gold and diamond from the aged ring. That is same in the case of the people also. There are persons who became great persons with their simple living. For example our national father Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln etc.
                   Do you heard about Howard University? May be. What about Stanford university? Let me narrate an incident. Even though the below incident is supposed to be a myth, let us take it in a positive sense.  One day a man along with his wife went to meet the President of Howard university. They were dressed in normal clothes (not executive). The persons who came to meet the President of the Howard, Charles Eliot were well dressed and reputed personalities. Since this couple is simply dressed, the personal secretary of the President of Howard University tried to discourage the couple from seeing the President. But the couple insisted on meeting the President. At last, the personal secretary informed the president about the couple. The President came to the couple and asked what they want. The couple informed that their son studied in the Howard university and he liked the University very much. Unfortunately he died recently. Now they are planning to build a memorial in the Howard University. But the President told them that it cannot be allowed because there are lots of students learned in the University and many have died. If he gave permission to build the memorial, the campus will be full of statues as memories for the students. But the couple informed him that they are planning to build a block for the University as memorial for their son. The President told them in a manner that it is impossible for the couples that it costs around $15 million (in 1884 dollars). The couples felt insulted but remained calm. Before the President say anything further, the lady placed her hand on the husband's lap and asked is that all these building cost. The President seemed confused. The couple left the campus.

An Ariel view of Stanford University Campus

                  Actually the man was Leland Stanford, Governor and Senator of California and leading railroad tycoon. They then went to California and started the new university which is named Stanford University. Till now Stanford University is standing as a challenge for Howard University.
See if the President treated the couple in a good manner, the Howard University as well as he will be benefited. But his judgement from the simplicity in the dressing of the couple prevent him from identifying the actual potential of the couple. 
Actually simplicity combined with other factors created several world leaders as I mentioned earlier - Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Baba Amte, Abraham Lincoln etc that made them real deciders of their own destiny. Always simplicity is the best policy.