Saturday, July 12, 2014

Does Euphorbia Plants causes cancer ?


One of the most common topic of discussion in South India is about Euphorbia Plants. I have heard that several people talking about Euphorbia plants are causing cancer and it has to be destroyed. Several people in my locality have uprooted the Euphorbia plants and threw them in to the canal or burnt to ashes. By reading this you may think that this plant is cheap. But actually it is more expensive. Since it is topic of common discussion I collected some details from the internet. The findings are given below.


Euphorbia milii

Euphorbia is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae. Euphorbiaceae contains more than two thousand species. It is primarily found in Africa and America. I am not saying much about the family Euphorbiaceae. Actually there is no true evidence showing that Euphorbia causes cancer. But it is true that the latex of Euphorbia causes irritation to the skin. It causes more harm if its latex comes in to contact with the eyes.

The website mentions several incidents supporting that the latex of Euphorbia causes irritation and swelling  It also reiterates that tha Euphorbia plants are dangerous if handled carelessly. But the website does not states that  Euphorbia causes cancer. I recommend this website to everyone who want to know more about the harmful effects of Euphorbia.

The most commonly grown Euphorbia plants in Kerala is Euphorbia milii. If is a flowering plant usually grown in gardens (before the rumour spreads). In China, E.milii is used for making herbal medicines.  US National Library of Medicine National Institute of health in its website informs that  E. milii crude latex does not act as a tumor promoting agent on the mouse back skin assay, after conducting test on mice.


Euphorbia milii

While the a website reports that the health department of Kerala State has informed that the rumours that Euphorbia causes cancer is baseless and they haven’t appointed anyone to advice the public to remove plants from their home.




If you have any additional information or suggestions, please comment below….

Thursday, July 10, 2014

State Bank Freedom – Enquiry Services

Most of the people who get their salary through banks want to know whether there salary has credited. Some people go to ATM and check the balance and mini statement while others go to bank and check whether the salary has been credited. If we went to bank, we can see people asking the inquiry whether funds have been credited to account. State Bank FreedoM allows you to check you balances and get mini statement in your mobile. For information regarding activation of State Bank FreedoM, click here.

Here are the steps to check your balance and to get mini statement in your mobile.

Step 1: Log in to State Bank FreedoM

Step 2: Select Enquiry Service


Step 3: To know the balance select Balance Enquiry. To get Mini Statement; select MIni Statement from the menu. Then select OK

20121121175813                   20121121175818

Step 5: Enter the MPIN; then select menu – confirm

You will get the balance and mini statement through the application and SMS.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

State Bank FreedoM – Request a Cheque Book

The bank account transaction using cheques are increasing day by day. The cheque gives more convenience for the customer to withdraw money from his account through an agent or proxy. It also helps to make payment for the goods and services. More over cheque transaction create a proof of payment to the customer. If the cheque bounce the drawer can sue the person who gave the cheque. Cheque provides flexibility in operations of the bank account.

Now banks are using modern technology to cater the several needs of the customer. Thus the customer can do the banking any time and that too without going to bank. State Bank Freedom allows you to request a cheque book through your mobile. So you need not fill any application or waste any time to go to the bank and avoid waiting in the queue. To know about activating State Bank FreedoM in your mobile click here
Here are the step by step instructions to request a cheque book through State Bank FreedoM.
Step 1: Log in to State Bank Freedom using the User Id
Step 2: Select Request from the menu


Step 3: Select Cheque Book Request

Step 4: Now you will be prompted to enter the MPIN. Enter the MPIN and select OK.


You will get the confirmation through SMS. Cheque Bok will be delivered to you within the days specified by the bank.

State Bank FreedoM – Change Channel

State Bank FreedoM is designed to function in two channels. That means it can use GPRS and SMS based service for its functioning. But it can used only one channel at a time. Since SMS is costlier then GPRS; I suggest you to use GPRS. The mobile enabled with Wi-Fi can use Wi-Fi network also. But it is advisable not to use Wi-Fi  in public places for doing mobile banking as it may not be safe. For details regarding activation of State Bank Freedom Click here
Usually at the beginning the default channel will be SMS based. After activation you can change it to GPRS. For accessing mobile banking service using Wi-Fi, choose GPRS channel. The Premium Version is equipped with GPRS channel only. The Premium version is free of cost and you can download it from here.
Follow the steps given below to change the channel in State Bank FreedoM.

Step 1: Log in to State Bank FreedoM using the User Id

Step 2: Choose setting from the menu.


Step 3: Choose Change Channel from the bottom of the menu


Step 4: Choose required channel (GPRS – Recommended) and then press OK.

You will receive confirmation through SMS. If you have any problem, kindly comment below. I will try to find the solution.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

State Bank FreedoM – Change MPIN

As the banking services became more flexible, security becomes a serious factor for consideration. Even though you have changed the MPIN during activation process, that alone is not enough. The MPIN has to be changed periodically in order to prevent unauthorized access of your account. The MPIN can be changed easily. The MPIN must be a six digit number which can be easily memorised. Here are step by step instruction to change MPIN.

 Step 1: Log in to the State Bank FreedoM using your User Id
Step 2: Choose Settings from the menu


Step 3: Choose Change MPIN from the menu as shown below


Step 4: Now a you will be asked to enter the existing MPIN and new MPIN, again to enter new MPIN for confirmation.


Step 5:  Select Menu – Change

You will receive the confirmation through SMS

State Bank FreedoM – Mobile Top-Up

Gone are the days we go to a mobile centre for mobile top ups. Now we can do mobile top ups from our mobile – any where any time. State Bank Freedom allows you for doing mobile top ups from your mobile in a easier way. For details regarding activation of State Bank Freedom click here

Step 1: log in to State Bank Freedom using your User Id

Step 2: Choose mobile Top Up from the menu

Step 3: Enter the name of your service provider in the space space provided. (Eg: BSNL, Idea, Airtel, Docomo etc

Step 4: Enter the mobile number (10 digit)
Step 5: Enter the amount to be recharged
Step 6: Select “Debit my primary account from the drop down menu at the bottom of the screen


Step 7 : Submit
Step 8: Now you will receive a confirmation message like one shown below.
Just click accept

Step 9: You will be asked for entering MPIN. Enter the MPIN and submit.


You will soon receive a message regarding successful recharge. If the transaction was a failure, the amount taken from your account will be reversed. If you don't receive the amount of the failed transaction, contact your Bank.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

State Bank FreedoM

State Bank Freedom is the mobile banking application by State Bank Group. The application is available for almost all mobiles that allows to install third party software. The application allows you to do almost all the transaction using your mobile. State Bank freedom can be downloaded from State Banks’ website.

State Bank FreedoM allows you to:
  • Enquiry Service : Know the balance amount in the account and the view the mini statement through your mobile.
  • Transfer funds : Can easily transfer money from your account to any other account (in any bank)
  • Can request cheque book
  • Mobile top-up : You can top-up your mobile from anywhere, any time
  • Bill payment : Pay your utility bills
  • Merchant payment (24 X 7)
  • Book train ticket through IMPS in IRCTC portal
  • Demat Enquiry
The only requirement is that you have an account with any of the bank in State Bank Group and a mobile which allows you to install third party application. Make sure your number is registered with the bank.

For instruction regarding the registration for mobile banking service click here

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

State Bank FreedoM – How To Activate

After opening my first bank account in a public sector bank under State Bank Group, I wished to know the details of my transaction without going to bank. The only way to do it at that time was using ATM. Many people wanted to do the same since they have to wait in the queue for a long to to get their things done. But now the State Bank Group is heavily promoting alternate channels to avoid rush in the counters. The State Bank owns largest ATM network in the country which attracts more customers, installed Cash Deposit Machines (CDM), Green Channel Counter etc. for the customers to get their things done without going to banks and saves lot of time for the customers.
State Bank Freedom is the Mobile Banking Application by State Bank Group. It is available for all mobiles running on Android or that supports java applications or Windows. You can download State Bank Freedom from the website of State Bank of India (Click here to go to website).

Before proceeding to registration, make sure that your mobile number is already linked to your account in the bank; otherwise State Bank Freedom will not function.

Step 1: Download State Bank FreedoM

Step 2: SMS “MBSREG” to 9223440000. You will receive User ID and MPIN through SMS.

Step 3: Login the application using the User ID received through SMS. Accept the terms and conditions after reading it.

   clip_image002               20121121235944

Step 4: Now you will be asked to change the MPIN. The new MPIN must be a six digit number and can be easily memorized.

mbs  1  clip_image002[7]

Now you will receive an SMS “Validation from handset successful. Complete registration process at ATM/Branch. Tid=XXXXXXXXXXXX

Step 5: Go to State Bank ATM. swipe your ATM card.

Soon you will receive an SMS informing the status of registration. If everything went correctly, Mobile Banking will be activated within one hour.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Banks may charge for using other bank ATMs

I still remember the day when there was long queue in front of the bank counters. With the introduction of the core banking and ATMs, the rush in the banks has been reduced to a great extend and the services has been increased both quantitatively and qualitatively. The customers also became more demanding. Now you can see the long queue in front of the outlets of the Beverages Corporation of Kerala which is the major source of income for the Kerala Government.
The former UPA government and the newly elected NDA government give importance for the extending banking services to the rural areas. As a result, more and more branches were opened by public sector banks in the rural areas while the new generation banks concentrated only on cities.
Today ATMs provides lots of services including issuing mini statement, mobile recharge, transfer of funds, mobile banking registration etc. Now the customers can withdraw money from any ATM, provided he will be charged if the number of transaction exceeds five times a month. Here even balance enquiry will be considered as a transaction.

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Now it was heard that IBA (Indian Banks’ Association) has requested RBI to allow the banks to charge for the transaction in the Non Home Bank ATMs. Non Home Bank means the bank where the customer does not have an account related to the ATM card which he was using.
So we can expect this soon as the banks are now concentrating on increasing their profit from non interest income as the banks are facing huge NPA related issues. Its time to open an account in the nearest bank.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Namo Antivirus

While surfing through the internet as usual, suddenly my eyes fell up on an ad showing the new Anti virus product by a firm named Innovazion. The name of the product was Namo, named after legendary winning of   the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. Netizens usually denote Narendra Modi as Namo.

The company has nothing to do with Indian politics. The company says that the name of Narendra Modi will boost the sales of their product.

Due to curiosity I visited the company’s website which provides more information about Narendra Modi than their product.
Key features include:
  • Free of cost
  • Real Time Detection
  • Custom Detection – Using the de facto standard signature language
  • Fast and light system footprint
  • Quarantine


If you are interested in using this Anti Virus, you can download it from company’s website:

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bathing - External and Internal cleansing

One day I and my friend Sukunath had a conversation. As usual, we covered several subjects. I asked him - "Why do we get fresh while washing our face with cold water?". The same thing happens when we bath. If we search wiki with the key word bath, you can find that it is the washing of our body or immersing of body in fluid. But my friend gave me a simple answer but meaningful. He told me while we bath, we pour water over our body, sometime we scrub our body with soap or some thing to clear the dirt off. This will clean our body externally. But this will clean our body internally also! You may be guessing how this will happen. When we bath the temperature of the body starts lowering to the temperature of the water. But our body has a mechanism to maintain balance in everything. So for maintaining the normal body temperature, our body increases the blood circulation. The increase in blood circulation will cause more blood to get cleansed by kidney. This will cleanse our body internally.  I was amazed by his answer. Friends if you have any idea regarding this, please share below....

Saturday, June 14, 2014


This is the questions that were asked in the Agriculture Higher Grade Exam conducted by Government Technical Examination under Tamil Nadu Government
Date of exam : 12/06/2014
Venue : 0301 - S. L. B Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District
Medium : English or Tamil
Total marks : 100
Answer any FIVE questions only
All questions carry equal marks

I. a) Explain the Agro Climate Zones of Tamil Nadu. Mention the important crops grown in the different agro climate zones of Tamil Nadu.
b)Explain : i) Summer Plough ii) Shallow Plough iii) Deep Plough
c) Explain the cultivation practices of sugar cane.
II. a) Mention the properties of good seed.
b) Write short notes on i) Breeders seed ii)Foundation Seed iii) Certified Seed
c) What is seed treatment? Give its uses
III. a) Write a note on Beneficial Insects and harmful insects.
b)Describe the bad effects of insects
c) Describe the Integrated Pest Management
IV. a) Name agents causing disease on crops
b)Explain the damage symptoms caused by the Fungi, Bacteria and Virus.
c)Define 'Vector'.
V. Write short notes on
a) Humus
b) Bio Fertilizers
c) Green Manures
d) Green Leaf Manures
e) Organic Manures.
VI. a) Describe the Post Harvest Technology
b) Describe the various jobs (Harvesting Methods, cleaning, drying and storage methods) of post harvest tecehnology
VII. Explain the structure and working methods of the following implements:
a) Mould Board Plough
b) Mechanical Seed Drill
c) Levelling Board
d) Harrow
VIII. a) Explain the sources of irrigation
b)Explain sprinkle irrigation method
c) Explain drop irrigation method
d) Explain furrow irrigation

Monday, March 24, 2014

A small incident in my Banking Career

One day while I was sitting in the counter; a lady came to me. She told me that she had lost her purse along with some money and ATM card. She was about to weep, but she controlled. I asked her whether she had written the PIN number on the ATM card and she replied yes. Since there was rush in front of the counter I gave her the toll free number of the ATM service and advised her to call and block the ATM card immediately.
In the evening she came to the bank(after closing the cash) and told me that she could not block the ATM card as the IVRS is not detecting the entered account number. When I checked her account, someone had taken the money through ATM card. I informed her about that. Then I told her that the ATM machine is equipped with camera and hence we can identify the person who got the ATM card along with her purse. Then she gave a mobile number and told me to tell her relative about the whole thing. When I told him that someone has taken away her money, he started quarrelling with me and we had a small war of words. He told me that the bank’s service was very poor and arrogant. I asked him if the bank’s service was poor then why should I listen to her and tried to help her. Later I came to understand that he was a police man. I advised her to lodge a complaint with the police station.
The next day she again came to me and told me that she had lodged the complaint and the ATM shows the images of two guys withdrawing money with her ATM card. They also took money from their mother’s account via ATM card at the same ATM machine. From this transaction, bank will get their mother’s address and hence they can be easily caught. But the police was not interested in investigating further. I told her just wait for two or three days for the police to find the guy. After a few days a saw her in the bank. When I asked her about the incident, she told me that lodging complaint with the police was in vain as they haven’t traced the guys even they got complete information. She lost her money.