Monday, March 24, 2014

A small incident in my Banking Career

One day while I was sitting in the counter; a lady came to me. She told me that she had lost her purse along with some money and ATM card. She was about to weep, but she controlled. I asked her whether she had written the PIN number on the ATM card and she replied yes. Since there was rush in front of the counter I gave her the toll free number of the ATM service and advised her to call and block the ATM card immediately.
In the evening she came to the bank(after closing the cash) and told me that she could not block the ATM card as the IVRS is not detecting the entered account number. When I checked her account, someone had taken the money through ATM card. I informed her about that. Then I told her that the ATM machine is equipped with camera and hence we can identify the person who got the ATM card along with her purse. Then she gave a mobile number and told me to tell her relative about the whole thing. When I told him that someone has taken away her money, he started quarrelling with me and we had a small war of words. He told me that the bank’s service was very poor and arrogant. I asked him if the bank’s service was poor then why should I listen to her and tried to help her. Later I came to understand that he was a police man. I advised her to lodge a complaint with the police station.
The next day she again came to me and told me that she had lodged the complaint and the ATM shows the images of two guys withdrawing money with her ATM card. They also took money from their mother’s account via ATM card at the same ATM machine. From this transaction, bank will get their mother’s address and hence they can be easily caught. But the police was not interested in investigating further. I told her just wait for two or three days for the police to find the guy. After a few days a saw her in the bank. When I asked her about the incident, she told me that lodging complaint with the police was in vain as they haven’t traced the guys even they got complete information. She lost her money.