Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bathing - External and Internal cleansing

One day I and my friend Sukunath had a conversation. As usual, we covered several subjects. I asked him - "Why do we get fresh while washing our face with cold water?". The same thing happens when we bath. If we search wiki with the key word bath, you can find that it is the washing of our body or immersing of body in fluid. But my friend gave me a simple answer but meaningful. He told me while we bath, we pour water over our body, sometime we scrub our body with soap or some thing to clear the dirt off. This will clean our body externally. But this will clean our body internally also! You may be guessing how this will happen. When we bath the temperature of the body starts lowering to the temperature of the water. But our body has a mechanism to maintain balance in everything. So for maintaining the normal body temperature, our body increases the blood circulation. The increase in blood circulation will cause more blood to get cleansed by kidney. This will cleanse our body internally.  I was amazed by his answer. Friends if you have any idea regarding this, please share below....

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