Wednesday, July 9, 2014

State Bank FreedoM – Request a Cheque Book

The bank account transaction using cheques are increasing day by day. The cheque gives more convenience for the customer to withdraw money from his account through an agent or proxy. It also helps to make payment for the goods and services. More over cheque transaction create a proof of payment to the customer. If the cheque bounce the drawer can sue the person who gave the cheque. Cheque provides flexibility in operations of the bank account.

Now banks are using modern technology to cater the several needs of the customer. Thus the customer can do the banking any time and that too without going to bank. State Bank Freedom allows you to request a cheque book through your mobile. So you need not fill any application or waste any time to go to the bank and avoid waiting in the queue. To know about activating State Bank FreedoM in your mobile click here
Here are the step by step instructions to request a cheque book through State Bank FreedoM.
Step 1: Log in to State Bank Freedom using the User Id
Step 2: Select Request from the menu


Step 3: Select Cheque Book Request

Step 4: Now you will be prompted to enter the MPIN. Enter the MPIN and select OK.


You will get the confirmation through SMS. Cheque Bok will be delivered to you within the days specified by the bank.

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