Wednesday, July 9, 2014

State Bank FreedoM – Change Channel

State Bank FreedoM is designed to function in two channels. That means it can use GPRS and SMS based service for its functioning. But it can used only one channel at a time. Since SMS is costlier then GPRS; I suggest you to use GPRS. The mobile enabled with Wi-Fi can use Wi-Fi network also. But it is advisable not to use Wi-Fi  in public places for doing mobile banking as it may not be safe. For details regarding activation of State Bank Freedom Click here
Usually at the beginning the default channel will be SMS based. After activation you can change it to GPRS. For accessing mobile banking service using Wi-Fi, choose GPRS channel. The Premium Version is equipped with GPRS channel only. The Premium version is free of cost and you can download it from here.
Follow the steps given below to change the channel in State Bank FreedoM.

Step 1: Log in to State Bank FreedoM using the User Id

Step 2: Choose setting from the menu.


Step 3: Choose Change Channel from the bottom of the menu


Step 4: Choose required channel (GPRS – Recommended) and then press OK.

You will receive confirmation through SMS. If you have any problem, kindly comment below. I will try to find the solution.


  1. I Cant change to GPRS even after changing the channel.. each time getting message..

    1. Kindly tell me What is the message you are getting. You can try State Bank Premium which works on GPRS channel only. Also new app has been launched with the same name 'State Bank Freedom' which is more user friendly with good Graphical User Interface, but have some bugs regarding IMPS funds transfer. Hope it will be rectified soon.