Sunday, July 5, 2015

Install Windows XP from USB

It is quite natural for most of the who owns a personal computer which runs on Windows has to be reinstalled whenever Windows crashes. But the things will get weird if the CD drive also become non functioning.The only way to get the things done is to use the USB port. Nowadays it is common for installing OS from pen drive or even install OS in the pen drive and carry it in your pocket. I too have to depend upon USB pen drive for installing Windows.
Sometimes you may be searching for information regarding installing Windows from USB. Here are the step by step instructions. Before proceeding make sure we have
  1. A personal computer which supports USB booting
  2. Windows CD
  3. USB Pen drive (minimum 4 GB preferred even though job can be done with 2 GB pen drive.
  4. WinSetUpFromUSB Application -  is a software which creates USB bootable Windows from Windows installation CD.
Step 1: Then insert the Windows installation CD in to the CD drive. If the window for installing Windows appears, close it.
Step 2: Insert the pen drive
Step 3: Run WinSetUpFromUSB in the computer.

Step 4:  Select Autoformat it with FBinst ,in the sub menu select NTFS
Step 5: Select the CD drive in which contains OS to be installed in the ‘Add to USB Disk pane’. Here I have selected XP. The screen will look like the screen shot given below

Step 6: Now hit Go. Wait for sometime to finish the job.
Step 7: Detach the pen drive and connect it to the computer to which Windows need to be installed.
Step 8: Enter the BIOS and set the USB as the first boot device and continue. Now the installation of Windows proceeds like that we do it from CD.
Note: If you want to install Windows in pen drive; check the advanced options and then select ‘Prepare Windows 2000/XP/2003 to be installed on USB’ after step: 5 then hit GO