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PSC Previous Question Paper - Junior Assistant / Cashier - KSEB 2015

PSC Previous Question Paper - Junior Assistant / Cashier - KSEB 2015

   1. What is the minimum distance from the object for a healthy eye to have clear vision ?

(a)    15 cm

(b)    20cm

(c)    25 cm

(d)    10 cm

   2. Who discovered the law of gravity ?

(a)    Copernicus

(b)    Issac Newton

(c)    Ptolemy

(d)    Galileo

   3.  Which is the most electro negative element ?

(a)    Sodium

(b)    Oxygen

(c)    Nitrogen

(d)    Flurine

   4. Which is the Jovian Planet among the following

(a)    Mercury

(b)    Venus

(c)    Jupiter

(d)    Earth 
   5. If 4 CF lamps of 18 Watts each were used for 7 hours daily, calculate the electricity charge for a month having 30 days at the rate of Rs 3/- for a unit

(a)    Rs 32.40/-

(b)    Rs 64.80/-

(c)    Rs 30.00/-

(d)    Rs 46.40

   6.  Name the process by which plants prepare their food?

(a)    Osmosis

(b)    Photosynthesis

(c)    Fluorescence

(d)    Transpiration

   7. Which instrument is used for estimating purity of the milk ?

(a)    Lactometer

(b)    Hydrometer

(c)    Pyrometer

(d)    Hygrometer

   8. Which is the most malleable of all metals ?

(a)    Copper

(b)    Silver

(c)    Gold

(d)    Aluminum

   9. Which part of the brain is affected when pain killer is used ?

(a)    Cerebellum

(b)    Pituitary

(c)    Hypothalamus

(d)    Thalamus

   10.Which is the colour of the outermost layer of the rainbow ?

(a)    Red

(b)    Violet

(c)    Green

(d)    Orange

   11. Subramanya Sathanam and Sankara Sathanam were works of the poet :

(a)    M P Appan

(b)    P Bhaskaran

(c)    Kumaran Asan

(d)    Vallathol Narayana Menon

   12. Asia’s first arch dam that was constructed across the Kuruvan and Kurathi Hills 

(a)    Kulamavu Dam

(b)    Idukki Dam

(c)    Bhanasura Sagar Dam

(d)    MUllperiyar Dam

   13. Kanthalloor Salai was a famous

(a)    Pictorial art form of Kerala

(b)    Literary work in Malayalam

(c)    Festival celebrated in Kerala

(d)    Learning center in Kerala

   14. The most important soil found in the Deccan Trap Area is :

(a)    Black soil

(b)    Laterite Soil

(c)    Saline Soil

(d)    Alluvial Soil

   15. The state known as the Milk Pail of India

(a)    Himachal Pradesh

(b)    Gujarat

(c)    Jammu And Kashmir

(d)    Hariyana

   16. South India’s first high altitude cricket stadium situated in Kerala is 

(a)    Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium

(b)    Krishnagiri

(c)    Central Stadium

(d)    Dharmasala

   17. The freedom movement initiated from Bombay :

(a)    Non- Cooperation Movement

(b)    Civil Disobedience Movement

(c)    Quit Movement

(d)    Rowlatt Sathyagraha

   18.India’s position in the Global Corruption Perception Index 2013 released by The Transparency International on 3rd December 2013

(a)    94th  ( In  2017 – 81st  )

(b)    76th

(c)    175th

(d)    3rd

   19. The first lion safari park in Kerala is :

(a)    Nilambur

(b)    Chinnar

(c)    Neyyar

(d)    Iravikulam

   20. United Nations Assembly adopted world cities day to be celebrated on :

(a)    November 30

(b)    February 28

(c)    May 1

(d)    October 31

   21. Vernacular Press Act of 1878 was proposed by :

(a)    Lord Lyton

(b)    Lord Ripon

(c)    Lord Canning

(d)    Lord Delhousie

   22. For internal financing of the five year plans, the government depends on:

(a)    Taxation Only

(b)    Taxation, Public Borrowing and deficit financing

(c)    Public Borrowing and Deficit Financing

(d)    Taxation and Public Borrowings

   23. The highly populated state in India is :

(a)    Maharashtra

(b)    Bihar

(c)    West Bengal

(d)    Uttar Pradesh

   24. The black granite statue of Lord Buddha known as Karumadikuttan is in:

(a)    Thiruvananthapuram

(b)    Alapuzha

(c)    Kollam

(d)    Pathanamthitta

   25. Vaikkom Sathyagraha was started in the year:

(a)    1924

(b)    1920

(c)    1946

(d)    1931

   26. Misrabhojanam was the idea popularized by :

(a)    Mannathu Padmanabhan

(b)    Swami Vivekanandan

(c)    Sahodaran Ayyappan

(d)    Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi

   27. Miss. Earth 2013 was crowned to :

(a)    Alexandra Brawn

(b)    Alyz Henrich ( For 2018 - Nguyễn Phương Khánh )

(c)    Teressa Fajksova

(d)    Sobhita Dhulipala

   28. The Octopus shaped lake in Kerala : 

(a)    Vembanad

(b)    Kayamkulam

(c)    Akkulam

(d)    Ashtamudi

   29. The extremely sensitive atmospheric pressure recording instrument is :

(a)    Hygrometer

(b)    Micro Baro Variograph

(c)    Aneroid Plateau

(d)    Amarkantak Plateau

   30. A pass through a mountain ridge is called :

(a)    Col

(b)    Core

(c)    Crater

(d)    Crevessce

   31. The countries separated from India by the Radcliff Lane :

(a)    Nepal

(b)    Afghanistan

(c)    Pakistan

(d)    Sri Lanka

   32. The winner of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Retna Award 2013 was :

(a)    Mahaveer Singh

(b)    Ronjon Sodhi ( 2018 - Virat Kohli and Saikhom Mirabai Chanu )

(c)    Neha Rathi

(d)    Syed Ali

   33. The present Governor of Kerala Shri. Nikhil Kumar was the previous Governor of :

(a)    Nagaland

(b)    Karnataka

(c)    Tamil Nadu

(d)    Andra Pradesh

   34.  Adhvaidha Chinta Pathadhi is the literary work of :

(a)    Sree Narayana Guru

(b)    Pandit Karuppan

(c)    Chattambi Swamikal

(d)    Ayya Vaikundar

   35. The river Narmada originates from 

(a)    Ranchi Plateau

(b)    Daccan Plateau

(c)    Maikala Hilla

(d)    Amarkantak Plateau

   36. India got the observer status in the Artic Council on 15th May 2013 along with

(a)    China, Italy, Singapore, Japan, South Korea

(b)    China, Belgium, Moscow, Italy, Japan

(c)    Britain, Germany, France, Singapore, China

(d)    Japan, Australia, China, Italy, South Korea

   37. The Sahithya Academy Award 2013 was announced for a Malayalam :

(a)    Novel

(b)    Autobiography ( 2017 - Ramanunni - Daivathinte Pusthakam - novel )

(c)    Short Story

(d)    Essay

   38. The type of precipitation occuring in the form of rain and snow is:

(a)    Hail

(b)    Drizzle

(c)    Sleet

(d)    Fog

   39. The first labour leader from India was:

(a)    V T Bhattathirirppad

(b)    Vakkom Moulavi

(c)    Ayya Vaikudar

(d)    Ayyankali

   40. The gateway if Wayanad is: 

(a)    Lakkidi

(b)    Sulthan Batheri

(c)    Kalpetta

(d)    Neetimala

   41. The governor is the agent of: 

(a)    State Government

(b)    Union Government

(c)    Both the Central and State Government

(d)    None of the above

4 42. Which of the following articles of the Indian constitution guarantees Public Service Commission for the union and for the states :

(a)    Article 315

(b)    Article 316

(c)    Article 317

(d)    Article 318

   43. Which of the following Articles of the Indian constitution ensures duties and powers of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India:

(a)    Article 148

(b)    Article 149

(c)    Article 150

(d)    Article 151

   44. Which of the following Amendment Act is reducing voting age from 21 to 18 years:

(a)    61 Amendment Act 1989

(b)    62 Amendment Act 1989

(c)    63 Amendment Act 1989

(d)    64 Amendment Act 1989

   45 The Indian Constitution has adopted rule of law from the following countries:

(a)    On the provisions of USA

(b)    On the provisions of Japan

(c)    On the provisions of Britain

(d)    From Britain with certain modifications

   46. Which country does not have double citizenship?

(a)    India 

(b)    The USA

(c)    Switzerland

(d)    None of the above

4 47. Which Article of the Indian Constitution gives abolition of untouchability

(a)    Article 14

(b)    Article 15

(c)    Article 16

(d)    Article 17

4 48. Organisation of village Panchayat is associated with :

(a)    Fundamental Duties

(b)    Directive Principles

(c)    Fundamental Rights

(d)    Constitutional Obligations

   49. In India, who is the real or administrative head of the Union Government ?

(a)    The President

(b)    Speaker of Lok sabha

(c)    Prime Minister

(d)    Vice President

   50. ‘The basic structure of the constitution cannot be amended by Parliament’ – this is the famous judgement of Supreme Court

(a)    Minerva Mills Case 1980

(b)    Keshwananda Bharathi Case 1973

(c)    Berubari Case 1968

(d)    None of the above

   51. Which of the technology is mostly used in Banking industry /

(a)    Barcode Reader

(b)    OCR

(c)    OMR

(d)    MICR

   52. What is the address given to a computer connected to a network called:

(a)    Internet Service Provider’s Address

(b)    IP Address

(c)    User’s Personal Address

(d)    URL

   53.  _______ is the technique designed to decrypt the private messages

(a)    Hacking

(b)    Unauthorised Access

(c)    Phishing

(d)    None of the above

   54.  ______  software acts as an interface between user and the internet.

(a)    Operating System

(b)    Yahoo

(c)    Browser

(d)    NIC

   55. Cyber Laws are contained in the 

(a)    IT Act 2008

(b)    IT Act 2010

(c)    IT Act 2000

(d)    IT Act 2012

   56. Who found the basis of the Word Wide Web

(a)    Charels Babbage

(b)    Tim Berners Lee

(c)    Richard Stallman

(d)    Ada Lovelace

   57. Piracy is known as :

(a)    A Type of Virus 

(b)    Program error (PSC Answer)

(c)    Hijacking

(d)    Unauthorised Copying of Software

   58. What is HTTP ?

(a)    Domain Name

(b)    Protocol

(c)    Internet Service Provider

(d)    File Name

   59. Spamming means:

(a)    Crashing

(b)    Spoofing

(c)    Unsolicited email

(d)    Email Bobbing

6 60. The programs stored in ROM are called:

(a)    Firmware

(b)    Software

(c)    Hardware

(d)    None of the Above

6 61. Which of the following provision of constitution directs the state to secure to all its citizens the right to work?

(a)    Article 41

(b)    Article 42

(c)    Article 46

(d)    Article 44

   62. Valmiki Ambedkar Awaas Yojana was launched for the benefit of :

(a)    Bonded Labours

(b)    Urban Slum Dwellers

(c)    Tribals

(d)    Scheduled Caste Women

   63. Which of the following statement is true with respect to Prime Ministers Rozgar Yojana ?

(a)    It is applicable to all educated unemployed youth between the age group of 18 to 30 years

(b)    It is applicable to youth who have passed 5th standard

(c)    The officer responsible for implementing the scheme at the district level is the District Collector

(d)    None of the above

   64. Which of the following schemes purpose address the specific vulnerability of each group of women in difficult circumstances through a home based holistic and  integrated approach

(a)    SWADHAR Scheme

(b)    Mahila Samridhi Yojana

(c)    STEP Schemes

(d)    Indra Gandhi Matritva Sahayog Yojana

  65.  Which of the following comes under the community structure for the rural side under the Kudumbasree Scheme ?

(a)    Neighbourhood Groups

(b)    Area Development Societies 

(c)    Community Development Societies

(d)    All of the above

  66. Which of the following statements is not true with respect to Antyodaya Anna Yojana ?

(a)    It was introduced with effect from December 2000 

(b)    At the time of introduction of the scheme it was contemplated to provide 35 Kgs of food grains per month to each eligible family

(c)    Under the scheme the poorest among the BPL families are covered

(d)    National Food Security Act, 2013 provides for the grievance redressal mechanism with respect to the scheme

   67. Integrated Child Development Services aims to tackle malnutrition and health problems in children

(a)    Below 5 years of age

(b)    Below 3 years of age

(c)    Below 6 years of age

(d)    Below 10 years of age

   68. Which of the following form primary target group of eligible candidates with respect to Indira Awas Yojana Scheme ?

(a)    Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe

(b)    Widows and nest kin of defence personal killed in action

(c)    Minorities in BPL category

(d)    All the above

   69. Which of the following is not true with respect to Balika Samridhi yojana ?

(a)    It is applicable to girl children born on or after 15 August 1997

(b)    Under the scheme the girl child will be eligible for a post birth grant 

(c)    The benefits of the scheme is available to any number of girl children born in a household

(d)    The child covered under this scheme will became entitle to annual scholarships in the prescribed rate for each successfully completed year of schooling.

   70. Which of the following central legislation provides for the work entitlement of 100 days per household per year which may be shared between different members of the same household

(a)    National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

(b)    Workmen’s Compensation Act

(c)    Unorganised Worker’s Social Security Act

(d)    Minimum Wage Act

   71.  Use the correct form of article

There were several battles between English and French in India

(a)    The English and the French 

(b)    The English and French

(c)    An English and French

(d)    None of the above

   72. Turn the following into indirect form:

Keats wrote “ A thing of beauty is a joy forever”

(a)    Keats said that a thing of beauty was a joy forever

(b)    Keats said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever

(c)    Keats wrote that a thing of beauty was a joy forever

(d)    Keats exclaimed that a thing of beauty is a joy forever

   73.  Give the appropriate one word substitute

Deliberate suffering for a one’s sins

(a)    Trepidation 

(b)    Expiation

(c)    Illusion

(d)    Intuition

   74. The synonym of impertinent 

(a)    Courageous 

(b)    Unlawful

(c)    Disrespectful

(d)    Infallible

   75. Antonym of benevolent

(a)    Harmful

(b)    Arrogant

(c)    Clever

(d)    Kind

7 76. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form, choosing it from the alternatives given

The jury ____ given a anonymous verdict of “not guilty”

(a)    Was 

(b)    Is

(c)    Has

(d)    Have

   77. Use appropriate preposition in the blanks

The situation is rather difficult to deal _____ 

(a)    On

(b)    With

(c)    Of

(d)    In

   78. Choose the correct adjective form alternative to fill in the blanks

He is the _______ advocate in the town

(a)    Elder

(b)    Older

(c)    Eldest

(d)    Oldest

   79. Choose the correct form of adverb from the given alternatives

They seemed to have acted in haste 

(a)    With haste

(b)    Without haste

(c)    Hastily

(d)    In a hasty manner

   80. Rewrite the sentence in the passive voice :

The news shocked the nation

(a)    The nation shook by the news

(b)    The news shaked the nation

(c)    The nation was shook by the news

(d)    The nation was shocked by the news

  81. If the first day of the year 1991 was Tuesday, what day of the week have been on first January 1998 ?

(a)    Monday

(b)    Tuesday

(c)    Wednesday

(d)    Thursday

  82. Gopu is 5 years older than Amal. In five years, Gopu will be twice as old as Amal is now. How old is Gopu now ?

(a)    15

(b)    12

(c)    26

(d)    29

   83. A solid cube of 4 inches have been painted red, green and black on pairs of opposite faces. It has been cut into one inch cube. How many cubes have only three faces painted

(a)    4

(b)    8

(c)    12

(d)    16

   84. Find the odd one of the following

(a)    CFIL ( PSC Answer )

(b)    GJMP

(c)    KNQT

(d)    QRTW

   85. His FRIVOLOUS remarks sometimes became irritating. The word which is most opposite to the meaning to the word given in capital letters.

(a)    Momentous

(b)    Rude

(c)    Serious

(d)    Hateful

   86. Professor  :  Erudite : : _____ : ______

(a)    Overseer : wealthy

(b)    Inventor : Imaginative

(c)    Moderator : Vicious

(d)    Aviator : Licensed

   87. Thomas drives his car 50 Km towards eastwards direction. He turned right went for 30 Km, then he turn west and drive for 10 Km. How far is he from the starting point ?

(a)    50 Km

(b)    60 Km

(c)    100 Km

(d)    20 Km

   88. How many 4’s are there preceded by 7 but not followed by 3

2 1 7 4 2 6 9 7 6 1 3 2 8 7 4 1 3 8

3 2 5 6 7 4 3 9 5 8 2 0 1 8 7 4 6 3

(a)    Three

(b)    Four

(c)    Five

(d)    Six

8 89. A student was asked to divide a number by 6 and add 12 to the quotient. He however, first add 12 to the number and then divided it by 6, getting 112 as the answer. The correct answer should have been

(a)    122

(b)    118

(c)    114

(d)    124

  90. Preethi left her home at 12  am, travelling along road at 30 Kmph. At 1.00 pm, her brother Praveen left home started after her on the same road at 45 Kmph. At what time did Praveen catch up to Preethi ?

(a)    3.30 pm

(b)    4.45 pm

(c)    5.00 pm

(d)    4.15 pm

  91. A number when divided by 119, leaves 19 as the remainder. If the same number is divided by 17, the remainder obtained is 

(a)    10

(b)    7

(c)    3

(d)    2

  92. Three men travelled in each day of distance of 14 Km, 35 Km, 38 Km respectively. The distance after which they meet again is 

(a)    1230 Km

(b)    1330 Km

(c)    1118 Km

(d)    1730 Km

  93. √12 + √12 + √12 + …………..= ?

(a)    3

(b)    4

(c)    6

(d)    12

  94. A mixture of 40 L of wine and water contains wine and water in the ration of 3 : 1. How much water must be added to it so that the ratio of wine to water may be 5 : 2

(a)    1 L

(b)    3 L

(c)    5 L

(d)    2 L

  95. Out of 4 numbers, the average of first three is 16 and that of last three is 15. If the last number is 18, the first number is :

(a)    20

(b)    21

(c)    23

(d)    25

  96. The simple interest on a sum equals 1/10 of itself in 4 years. Then the rate of interest will be 

(a)    1 ½  %

(b)    2 ½  %

(c)    2 ¾  %

(d)    3 ¼  %

  97. If the price of a bag is Rs 75/- before a discount of 15%, what is the final discount price ?

(a)    Rs 11.20/-

(b)    Rs  50/-

(c)    Rs  63.75/-

(d)    Rs  65/-

  98.  Sheela worked on weekend from 9.00 am until 4.30 pm at the rate of Rs 9.25/- per hour. How much did she receive for both days?

(a)    Rs  112.75/-

(b)    Rs. 127.72/-

(c)    Rs. 138.75/-

(d)    Rs  277.52 /-

  99. How many times are the hands of a clock at right angles in a day ?

(a)    22

(b)    24

(c)    44

(d)    48

  100. Two trains 126 and 114 m long are running in opposite directions, one at the rate of 30 Kmph and other one at 42 Kmph. From the moment they meet will cross each other in 

(a)    10 sec

(b)    11 sec

(c)    12 sec 

(d)    13 sec

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