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PSC Previous Questions - Special Branch Assistant - SBCID (Police) - 2013

PSC Previous Questions - 12 - Special Branch Assistant. SBCID (Police) - 2013

1. The value of 1/(3 X5) + 1 ( 5X 7) + 1/ (1 X 9) + 1/(9 X 11) is :

   (a) 4/99

   (b) 4/11

   (c) 1/45

   (d) 4/33

2. In a mixture of 60 litres, the ratio of apple juice to water is 2:13. The amount of apple juice to
be added to this mixture to make the ratio 1:2: is:

  (a) 23 litres

  (b) 18 litres

  (c) 13 litres

  (d) 8 litres

3. Arun buys an article for Rs.1,00,000 and sells it to Arjun at 20% profit which Arjun sells to
Amar at 15% profit. If Amar sells it to Arya at 10% loss, for how much does Amar sell the article
to Arya

   (a) Rs. 90,000

   (b) Rs. 1,24,000

   (c) Rs. 1, 15,000

   (d) Rs. 1,24,200

4. The average height of a group of five students was 165 cm. One student of height 160cm left the
group. After two years, the height of the remaining students increases by 2 cm, 3 cm, 2 cm and
4 cm, The new mean height is:

   (a) 135.2 cm

   (b) 169 cm

   (c) 169.5 cm

   (d) 160 cm

5. The volume of the largest cone that can be carved out of a cylinder of base radius 6 cm and height
14 cm is:

   (a) 528 sqcm

   (b) 1584 sqcm

   (c) 792 sqcm

   (d) 198 sqcm

6. In a journey of 300 Km, a train slowed down its speed by 50 Km/hr due to bad weather and took
one hour more to complete the journey. The original speed of the train was:

   (a) 100 Km/hr

   (b) 125 Km/hr

   (c) 200 Km/hr

   (d) 150 Km/hr

7. An old man goes to market at a speed of 4 Km/hr and returns along the same way at a speed of
2 Km/hr. His average speed is:

   (a) 3 Kmhr

   (b) 3/8 Kmhr

   (c) 8/3 Kmhr

   (d) √8 Km/hr

8. Two taps can fill a tank in 10 and 3 minutes respectively and a third tap can empty it in 15 minutes If all the three taps are opened at the same time, in how much lime the tank will be filled?

   (a) 7/16 minutes

   (b) 30/7 minutes

   (c) 60/7 minutes

   (d) 7/30 minutes

9. The product of two prime numbers is 35. Their L.CM is

   (a) 7

   (b) 5

   (c) 35

   (d) 1

10. 54, 45 and 33 litres of milk are to be measured. What should be the capacity of the measuring jar
which will do this in minimum time?

   (a) 3 litres

   (b) 1 litre

   (c)  9 litres
   (d) 11 litres

11. A certain code, EDUCATION is written as OPJUBDVEF. How is COMPUTERS written in the same code?





12 It the first day of the year 1991 was Tuesday, what day of the week nust have been on 1st January 1998

   (a) Monday

   (b) Wednesday

   (c) Tuesday

   (d) Thursday

13. Find the old man out in the sequence

       396, 462, 572, 427, 671, 264

   (a) 396

   (b) 671

   (c) 427

   (d) 264

14. A tank can be filled in 10 hours but it takes 12 hours due to a leak in its bottom If the tank is full,
then the time that the leak will take to empty it is

   (a) 45

   (b) 72

   (c) 60

   (d) 75

15. At a party, everybody shakes hands with each other once There are 45 handshakes. How
many people are there at the party?

   (a) 9

   (b) 10

   (c) 11

   (d) 12

16. In the following list of numbers,how many times does 8 come just after 6 when 6 comes just
after an odd number?


   (a) 3

   (b) 2

   (c) 4
   (d) 5

17. A student is ranked 15th from right and 10th  from left. How many students are there in total?

   (a) 25

   (b) 22

   (c) 23

   (d) 24

18. Poles: Magnet :: ?: Battery

   (a) Energy

   (b) Power

   (c) Terminals

   (d) Cells

19. Find the missing term from the given alternatives:

         AY, FU, KQ, ?, UI

   (a) PL

   (b) PM

   (c) OM

   (d) MP

20. If 6 women or 8 girls can do a work in 85 days. In how many days can 9 women and 5 girls can
 do the same work?

   (a) 35 days

   (b) 40 days

   (c) 45 days

   (d) 50 days

21. What is the study of poisons called?

   (a) Toxicology

   (b) Teleology

   (c) Ecology

   (d) Meterology

22. Which planet is known as red planet?

   (a) Venus

   (b) Pluto

   (c) Jupiter

   (d) Mars

23. Flesh eating animals are called:

   (a) Herbivorous

   (b) Omnivorous

   (c) Carnivorous

   (d) Parasites

24. Water soluble vitamin

   (a) A

   (b) K

   (c) B

   (d) D
25. What is the unit of heat?

   (a) Ohm

   (b) Calorie

   (c) Angstrom

   (d) Newton

26. What is the full form of LASER?

   (a) Radio Detection and Ranging
   (b) Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

   (c) Sonar Detection and Ranging

   (d) Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

27. Apparent change in the frequency of sound:

   (a) Doppler effect

   (b) Piezoelectric effect

   (c) Photoelectric effect

   (d) Bernoulli's effect

28. In which state the Kudamgulam nuclear power plant situated?

   (a) Andhra Pradesh

   (b) Maharashra

   (c) Tamil Nadu

   (d) Goa

29. Solar cells are usually made ho

   (a) Sulphur

   (b) Silicon

   (c) Sodium

   (d) Strontinum
30. Who discovered neutron

   (a) J.J. Thomson

   (b) Ruherfiord

   (c) James Chadwick

   (d) John Dalton

31. Name the person who got second consecutive term as Vise President in India

   (a) Dr. Sanker Dayal Sharma

   (b) Hamid Ansari
   (c) Dr. Zakir Hussain

   (d) R. Venkataraman

32. Nam the political parties in Kerala which abstained from Presidential Election 2012

   (a) Communist Party of India and Kerala Congress

   (b) Communist Party of India and the Revolutionary Socialist Party

   (c) Revolutionary Socialist Party and IUML

   (d) Revolutionary Socialist Party and NCP

33. Who won the 12 Asian Rifle Shooting Championship in Doha in January 2012

   (a) Gagan Narang

   (b) Jayavardhan Singh Rathore

   (c) Abhinav Bindra

   (d) Anjali Blhagavat

34. Russia became a member of which of the following organization after 18 years of negotiation in 2012?

   (a) WTO

   (b) UN Security

   (c) G20

   (d) OPEC

35. In which event Yisling of China took the first Gold Medal in London Olympics 2012?

   (a) Archery

   (b) Badminton

   (c) Boxing
   (d) Air Rifle

36. 2012 Ramon Magsaysay Award winner Mr. Romulo Davide is from which country?

   (a) Cambodia

   (b) Philippines

   (c) Taiwan

   (d) Romania

37. Fifty Seventh National School Athletic Championship 2012 was conducted at which place?

   (a) Ludhiana

   (b) Ambala

   (c) Meerut

   (d) Jabalpur

38. India US Education Summit 2012 is conducted at:

   (a) Mexico

   (b) Ontario

   (c) Columbia

   (d) Washington

39, Who won the Gramy Life time Achievement Award 2012 Posthumously along with Pandit Ravi Shankar and Lighnin Hopkins

   (a) Glen Gould

   (b) Gail Dolgin

   (c) Heath Ledger

   (d) Syney Pollack

40. Which US Company became the first commercial outfit to launch its own craft towards the international space station

   (a) Lexmark

   (b) Blue Origin

   (c) Space X

   (d) D MSNBC

41, 'India Wins Freedom' written by

   (a) Subhash Chandra Bose

   (b) Gandhji

   (c) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

   (d) Maulana Abdul Kalam Asad

42. Bardoli Sathyagraha took place in which part of India

   (a) Gujarat

   (b) Bihar

   (c) Pune

   (d) Calcutta

43. INA came into existence in 1043 in

   (a) Singapore

   (b) Burma

   (c) India 

   (d) Japan

44, Whose draft of Quit India Resolution was accepted by the working committee of congress

   (a) Subhash Chandra Bose

   (b) Nehru

   (c) Mahatma Gandhi

   (d) Patel

45. 'Operation Thunderbolt' undertook by the British to arrest the leaders of

   (a) Indian National Army

   (b) Indian National Congress

   (c) Quit India Movement

   (d) Extremist Revolutionaries

46. First Woman President of Indian National Congress

   (a) Sarojini Naidu

   (b) Annie Besant

   (c) Madam Cama

   (d) Sucheta Kripalani

47. Regulating Act introduced in

   (a) 1774

   (b) 1876

   (c) 1775

   (d) 1773

48. Dinabandhu Sarvajanik Sabha was founded by:

   (a) Jyothiba Phule

   (b) B.R. Ambedkar

   (c) Ram Mohan Roy
   (d) Vinobha Bhave
49. Permanent Settlement introduced by

   (a) Lord Delhousie

   (b) Lord Cornwallis

   (c) Lord Dufferin

   (d) Lord Canning

50. 'YOUNG INDIA' as weekly was first started by:

   (a) Congress party

   (b) Swaraj party

   (c) Home rule party

   (d) Tilak

51. In which year Poikayil Johnnan was nominated to Sree Moolam Praja Sabha?

   (a) 1932

   (b) 1931

   (c) 1924
   (d) 1927

52. Who was the founder of the Greater Ezhava Association?

   (a) K.Kesavan

   (b) Sree Narayana Guru

   (c) K. Kelappan

   (d) Dr. Palpu

53. Name the guru of Bodheswaran:

   (a) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

   (b) Sree Narayana Guru

   (c) Chattampi Swamikal

   (d) Lord Buddha

54. In which year Kuriakose Elias Chavara died?

   (a) 1871

   (b) 1873

   (c) 1874

   (d) 1881

55. Who is known as the Father of Muslim Renaissance

   (a) Vakkom Moulavi

   (b) Muhammed Ali Jinnah

   (c) Muhammed Ghori

   (d) Abdul Khader

56 Name the person who founded the Ananda Maha Sabha

   (a) Swami Dayanand

   (b) Swami Vivekananda

   (c) Brahmananda Swami Siva Yogi

   (d) Swami Vidhya Sagar
57 Who was the author of the play Adukkalayil Ninnu Arangathekku

   (a) S.K. Pottacadu

   (b) Rama Nad

   (c) Taraknath Das
   (d) V.T. Bhattathirippad

58. Name the person associated with Dharma Yugam?

   (a) Swami Vivekananda

   (b) Ayya Vaikunda

   (c) Jyotirao Phule

   (d) Thycaud Avya

59. The name associated with Vimochana Samaram?

   (a) K.P.S. Menon

   (b) Mannathu Padmanabhan

   (c) Aurobindo

   (d) Kirthi Varman

60. Another name for the Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham:

   (a) Association for the Welfare of the Poor

   (b) Association for the Welfare of the Backward

   (c) Association for the Welfare of the Destitute

   (d) Association for the Welfare of the Black

61. The National Commission for Women was set up as a statutory body in the year:

   (a) 1980

   (b) 1982

   (c) 1992

   (d) 2000
62. Who among the following can seek information under Right to Information Act of 2005?

   (a) a group of persons

   (b) an individual citizen

   (c) a registered company

   (d) all the above

63. According to Article 79 of the Constitution of India, the Parliament consists of

   (a) President of India, Prime Minister, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

   (b) Rajyva Sabha and Lok Sabha

   (c) President of India, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

   (d) None of the above

64. The National Human Rights Commission came into being in

   (a) October 1993

   (b) September 1993

   (c) March 1997

   (d) September 2007

65. Right to Education is given under which article of the Indian Constitution?

   (a) 19

   (b) 21

   (c) 20

   (d) 22

66. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India is appointed by

   (a) The President of India

   (b) The Prime Minister of India

   (c) The Chief Election Commissioner

   (d) The Chief Justice of India

67. The words "SOCIALIST SECULAR" were added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by which Constitutional Amendment?

   (a) 24th

   (b) 42nd

   (c) 48th

   (d) 84th

68. The number of Union Territories  in India is:

   (a) 28

   (b) 7

   (c) 27

   (d) 9

69. Part IV of the Indian Constitution deals with

   (a) Fundamental Rights

   (b) Directive Principles of State Policy

   (c) Fundamental Duties

   (d) Centro State Relations

70. Name the First Chairperson of Rajya Sabha:

   (a) S. Radhakrishnan

   (b) Zakir Hussain

   (c) V.V. Giri

   (d) Rajendra Prasad

71. Which is the opposite word of postponed?

   (a) Preponed

   (b) Earlied

   (c) Depond

   (d) Advanced

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

72. Choose the suitable one word for the underlined word: Ravi Varma was a well known Indian Painter

   (a) Artistic

   (b) Naturalistic

   (c) Multi coloured

   (d) Celebrated

73. Which is the right spelling

   (a) Suprandent

   (b) Superintendent

   (c) Suprand

   (d) Superentendent

74. Use the correct phrase:
       Every citizen should abide ________ the laws of the state.

   (a) upon

   (b) by

   (c) with

   (d) up

75. Change the sentence into passive voice:

               Prepare yourself for the best!

   (a) Be ready to prepare for the best

   (b) Be prepared for the best

   (c) You should prepare for the best

   (d) We should prepare for the best

76. Change into indirect speech:

            He said: "Please, let me go"

   (a) He requested them to let him go

   (b) He said that he should go

   (c) He wanted to let him go with permission
   (d) He asked them to release him to go

77. Fill in the blank with the correct expression

       Manufactures often sacrifice quality _____

   (a) in order to gain more money for business

   (b) In place to collect and earn money

   (c) to collect big amount

   (d) for a large profit margin

78. Which part of the sentence is not correct?

There was a (a) very interesting news (b) on the television in this morning (c) about a land slide (d)

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

79. Use the correct article

    ___________ airport building where journey begin and end is a terminal

   (a) the

   (b) an

   (c) in

   (d) of

 (Question Cancelled by PSC) 

80. Use the correct tense of the verb

The Sun ______ in the East.

   (a) rises

   (b) is raising

   (c) have been rising

   (d) is being raised

81. The interview will be held between 10 a.m _____  1 p.m

   (a) to

   (c) upto

   (d) and

   (b) till

82. His name is the ______ in the list.

   (a) last

   (b) late

   (c) lastest
   (d) latest

83. Honey tastes sweet, ______

   (a) hasn't it

   (b) doesn't it

  (c) didn't it

  (d) isn't it

In which part of the sentences (Q.No.84 & 85) is the mistake?

84. Everyone (a) have (b) the right (c) to vote (d)

85. I have returned (a) all the books (b) to the library (c) Yesterday (d)

86. What is the passive form of:

       Rash driving causes many accidents?

   (a) Many accidents were caused by rash driving

   (b) Many accidents being caused by rash driving

   (c) Many accidents was caused by rash driving

   (d) Rash driving caused many accidents

(Question Cancelled by PSC)  

87. Report: Why are you late"? he asked me:

   (a) He asked me if I was late

   (b) He asked me why I was late?

   (c) He asked me if I am late

   (d) He asked me why are you late?

88. He proved his _______ by facing the situation with tact, and confidence

   (a) metal

   (b) mind

   (c) mettle
   (d) measure

89. Age and experience ______ wisdom to man.

   (a) bring

   (b) has bring
   (c) brings

   (d) have bring

90. He searched the room _______ his laptop

   (a) about

   (b) in

   (c) for

   (d) into

91. A online discussion group of people who share a common interest:

   (a) News group
   (b) Chat group

   (c) Software group

   (d) Online group

92. Which is not a property of the primary memory of a computer?

   (a) Volatile

   (b) Limited Capacity

   (c) Lower Cost

   (d) Fast Access

93, Amount of data that can be transferred per unit of time is known as

   (a) Data bus

   (b) Bandwidth

   (c) Word length

   (d) Data buffer

94. Which among the following is not a system software?

   (a) Operating System

   (b) Compiler

   (c) Utility Program

   (d) Database Software

95. Process of loading operating system into the primary memory is known as:

   (a) Switehing

   (b) Pipelining

   (c) Booting

   (d) Compiling

96, Which is not a component of the database?

   (a) Field

   (b) File

   (c) Record

   (d) Buffer

97. Primary source of Cyber Law in India is:

   (a) IT Act 2000

   (b) IT Act 2003

   (c) IT Act 2004

   (d) IT Act 2006

98._______ is used to authenticate electronic records.

   (a) Electronic card

   (b) Electronic mail

   (c) Electronic commerce

   (d) Electronic Signature

99. Which among the following is an output device?

   (a) Digital camera

   (b) Bar code reader

   (c) Plotter

   (d) Touch screen

100.___________is a private computer network owned by a company or an organization and is
accessible only to its employees.

   (a) Internet

   (b) Intranet

   (c) Local Area Network

   (d) Wide Area Network

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