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Kerala PSC - Dams in Kerala

Basic Facts

  • Total number of dams in Kerala for irrigation purpose - 18
  • The largest reservoir in Kerala - Malampuzha Dam (Palakkad)
  • The first dam in Kerala - Mullaperiyar Dam (Idukki)
  • The largest dam in Kerala - Malampuzha Dam 
  • The first arch dam in India - Idukki Dam
  • The largest irrigation project in Kerala - Kallada (Kollam)
  • The second largest irrigation project in Kerala - Thenmala (Kollam)
  • The river which has largest number of irrigation projects in Kerala - Bharatapuzha
  • The district which has largest number of irrigation project - Palakkad
  • The largest earthen dam in India - Banasura Sagar Dam (Wayanad)
  • First concrete dam in Kerala - Mattupetti Dam (Idukki)
  • The smallest hydro electric project in Kerala - Mattupetti
  • The first hydro-electric project in Kerala - Pallivasal Dam
  • The largest hydroelectric project in Kerala - Idukki Dam

1. Banasura Sagar Dam

  • The largest earth dam in India
  • Second largest earth dam in Asia
  • It is constructed across the river Kabani
  • The district in which the dam located - Wayand
  • Constructed in 1979

2. Idukki Dam

  •  First arch dam in Asia
  • Started construction in 30 April 1969
  • Inaugurated in 1973
  • It consists of three dams at Idukki, Cheruthoni and Kulamavu
  • The tribal leader who suggested the spot for Idukki Dam - Kolumban Mooppan
  • The Prime Minister who commissioned the commercial operation of Idukki Dam - Indira Gandhi (1976)
  • Idukki dam is located on the Periyar river between the Kuravan Mala and Kurathi Mala
  • The under ground power station of Idukki dam - Moolamattam Power Station
  • Longest under ground hydro electric power station in India - Moolammattom
  • The initial operating capacity of Idukki Hydro - electric power project - 750 MW

3. Malampuzha Dam

  •  The largest reservoir in Kerala
  • It is located in Palakkad District
  • Dam was built across the Malampuzha River (Tributary of Bharatapuzha)
  • The construction of Malampuzha dam bagan in  - March 1949
  • The dam was inaugurate in the year - 1955

4.Mattupetti Dam

  • Constructed in the year 1953
  • First concrete dam in Kerala
  • Smallest hydro electric power station in Kerala
5 Mullaperiyar Dam

  •  First dam in Kerala 
  • The district in which Mullaperiyar Dam located - Idukki
  • The construction work of the dam started in the year - 1887
  • It was commissioned in the year - 1895
  • Mullaperiyar lease agreement was signed on - 29 October 1886
  • The dam was made with - Surki Mixture
  • The Mullaperiyar dam built across the dam - Periyar
  • The taluk in which Mullaperiyar dam located - Peerumedu (Panchayat - Kumily)
  • The lease agreement was signed by - V Ram Iyengar (Diwan of Travancore) and J C Hannington (State Secretary of Madras State)
  • The agreement was renewed in 1970 during the ministry of C Achutha Menon
  • The Mullaperiyar dam was inagurated during the reign of Sri Moolam Thirunal Rama Varma
  • Mullaperiyar dam was inagurated by Lord Welock  (Governor of Madras Presidency)
  • The chief architect of Mullaperiyar Dam - John Pennyeuick
  • The states that were in dispute for Mullaperiyar dam - Kerala and Tamil Nadu
  • The Periyar National Park in Thekkady is located around the dams reservoir.

6.Peechi Dam

  • Inaugurated in 1957
  • Dam is built across the river Manali in Thrissur District
  • Architect of Peechi Dam - E. Ikkanda Warrier
  • Peechi - Vazhani wild life sanctuary established in 1958

7.Thenmala, Dam

  • Second largest irrigation project in Kerala
  • Dam was built across the river Kallada
  • Thenmala dam was constructed in the year 1961
  • Thenmala dam shares the border with Senthurini wild life sanctuary

List of dams in Kerala :

Sl.No River Dam District
1 Bharathapuzha River Malampuzha Dam Palakkad
2 Bharathapuzha River Mangalam Dam Palakkad
3 Bharathapuzha River Meenkara Dam Palakkad
4 Bharathapuzha River Chulliar Dam Palakkad
5 Bharathapuzha River Pothundi Dam Palakkad
6 Bharathapuzha River Walayar Dam Palakkad
7 Bharathapuzha River Kanjirapuzha Dam Palakkad
8 Chalakudy River Parambikulam Palakkad
9 Chalakudy River Thunakkadavu Dam Palakkad
10 Chalakudy River Peruvaaripallam Dam Palakkad
11 Chalakudy River Sholayar Dam Thrissur
12 Chalakudy River Peringalkuthu Dam Thrissur
13 Chelakkara River Asurankund Dam Thrissur
14 Erattayar Lake Erattayar Dam Idukki
15 Kabini River Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad
16 Kakkattar River Maniyar Dam Pathanamthitta
17 Kallada River Thenmala Dam Kollam
18 Karamana River Aruvikkara Dam Thiruvananthapuram
19 Karamana River Peppara Dam Thiruvananthapuram
20 Karapuzha River Karapuzha Dam Wayanad
21 Karuvanoor River Peechi Dam Thrissur
22 Keecheri River Vazhani Dam Thrissur
23 Kurumali River Chimmony Dam Thrissur
24 Kuttiyadi River Kuttiyadi Dam Kozhikode
25 Kuttiyadi River Kakkayam Dam Kozhikode
26 Muvattupuzha River Malankara Dam Idukki
27 Neyyar River Neyyar Dam Thiruvananthapuram
28 Pamba River Pamba Dam Pathanamthitta
29 Pamba River Kakki Dam Pathanamthitta
30 Periyar River Idukki Dam Idukki
31 Periyar River Ponmudi Dam Idukki
32 Periyar River Anayirnkal Dam Idukki
33 Periyar River Kundala Dam Idukki
34 Periyar River Mattupetti Dam Idukki
35 Periyar River Sengulam Dam Idukki
36 Periyar River Neriyamangalam Dam Ernakulam
37 Periyar River Bhoothathankettu Dam Ernakulam
38 Periyar River Mullaperiyar Dam Idukki
39 Periyar River Cheruthoni Dam Idukki
40 Periyar River Kulamavu Dam Idukki
41 Siruvani River Siruvani Dam Palakkad
42 Valapattanam River Pazhssi Dam Kannur