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PSC Previous Question Paper - Assistant Grade II, Kerala State Beverages Corporation - 2015

Assistant Grade II Kerala STate Beverages Corporation - 2015

1. In a certain code, FOP stands for 'OLD IS GOLD', POT stands for 'GOLD IS PURE' and POM stands for GOLD IS COSTLY. Then how will "PURE GOLD IS COSTLY" be written ?

   (a) FTOPM

   (b) FTPOM

   (c) TFPOM

   (d) TFMOP

2. PRIDE id to LION and SHOAL is to :

   (a) TEACHER

   (b) FISH


   (d) STUDENT

3. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word - " CORPULENT".

   (a) LEAN

   (b) GAUNT


   (d) OBESE

4. Choose the word which gives opposite meaning of the given word "QUIESCENT"

   (a) ACTIVE

   (b) DORMANT

   (c) WEAK


5. Find the day of the week on 25 December 1995 :

   (a) Friday

   (b) Tuesday

   (c) Sunday

   (d) Monday

6. Find the missing number of the series,

         1, 2, 8, 33, 148, ____, 4626

   (a) 665

   (b) 765

   (c) 760

   (d) 660

7. Average of 5 consecutive odd numbers A, B, C, D & E is 45. What is the product of B & D ?

   (a) 2025

   (b) 1935

   (c) 2021

   (d) 1981

8. Pointing to a lady, a man said: "the son of her only brother is the brother of my wife," How is the lady related to that man?

   (a) Sister of father in law

   (b) Mother's sister

   (c) Grandmother

   (d) Mother in law

9. Turn the ODD MAN out from the following:

      253, 136, 324, 514, 460, 244

   (a) 136

   (b) 253

   (c) 324

   (d) 514

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

10. Raman is sitting to the immediate left of Hari but not next to Kamal. Mahesh is sitting to the right of Kamal. If the four friends are sitting in a circle, who is sitting to the immediate right of Hari

   (a) Mahesh

   (b) Kamal

   (c) Raman

   (d) Cannot be determined

11. A number when divided by 119 leaves 19 as remainder. If the same number is divided by 17, the
remainder obtained is

   (a) 2

   (b) 7

   (c) 3

   (d) 1

12. The traffic lights at three different road crossings change after every 48 seconds, 72 seconds and 108 seconds respectively. If they all change simultaneously at 6 : 10 : 00 hrs then they will again change simultaneously at

   (a) 6:17:17

   (b) 6: 17:10

   (c) 6: 17: 12

   (d) 6:17:22

13. A mixture contains alcohol and water in the ratio 4 : 3. If 5 litres of water is added to the mixture the ratio becomes 4 : 5. Find the quantity of alcohol in the given mixture:

   (a) 12 litres

   (b) 10 litres

   (c) 20 litres

   (d) 22 litres

14. If the volume of a sphere is divided by its surface area, the result is 30 cm. The radius of the sphere is:

   (a) 90 cm

   (b) 9 cm

   (c) 81 cm

   (d) 8 cm

15. A and B can do a piece of work in 72 days, B and C can do it in 120 days, and A and C can do it in 90 days. When A, B and C work together, how much work is finished by them in 3 days?

   (a) 1/40

   (b) 1/30

   (c) 1/10

   (d) 1/20

16. Gokul took a certain amount as a loan from a bank at the rate of 8% simple interest per annum and gave the same amount to Alok as a loan at the rate of 12% simple interest per annum. If at the end of 12 years, he made a profit of Rs. 480 in the deal, what was the original amount?

   (a) Rs.2,000

   (b) Rs. 1,000

   (c) Rs. 3,000

   (d) Rs. 4,000

17. There are two towns A and B. Raju goes from A to B at 40 kmph and comes back to the starting point at 60 kmph. What is his average speed during the whole journey?

   (a) 48 kmph 

   (b) 52 kmph

   (c) 50 kmph

   (d) 46 kmph

18. A father is twice as old as his son. 20 years ago the age of the father was 12 times the age of the son. The present age of the father is:

   (a) 32 yrs

   (b) 34 yrs

   (c) 22 yrs

   (d) 44 yrs

19. If the perimeter of a rectangle and a square, each is equal to 80 cms, and difference of their areas is 100 sq.cms, sides of the rectangle are:

   (a) 35 em, 15 em

   (b) 28 cm, 12 cm

   (c) 30 em, 10 cm

    (d) 26 cm, 14 em

20. 1/4 of Raju's money is equal to 1/6 of Ramu's money. If both together have Rs. 600, the difference
between their amount is

   (a) Rs. 50

   (b) Rs. 240

   (c) Rs. 360

   (d) Rs. 120

21. Ethanol mixed with methanol as the poisonous substance is called

   (a) Wash

   (b) Rectified spirit

   (c) Absolute alcohol

   (d) Methylated spirit

22. The change of frequency experienced by the receiver either because of the relative motion of
the source or receiver or both:

   (a) Joules law

   (b) Ohm's law

   (c) Doppler effect

   (d) Fleming's left hand rule

23. Glucose test is conducted by using the solution:

   (a) Benedict solution

   (b) Barium Chloride solution

   (c) Silver Nitrate solution

   (d) Ferrous Sulphate solution

 24. In the armature and the field magnet of a generator; the stationary part is the:

   (a) Rotor

   (b) Stator

   (c) Power

   (d) Excitor

25. Isomerism with difference in the position of the functional group are known as:

   (a) Functional isomerism

   (b) Chain isomerism

   (c) Metamerism

   (d) Position isomerism

26. Microfarad is the commonly used unit of

   (a) Resistance

   (b) Inductance

   (c) Capacitance

   (d) Diodes

27. In which states of matter diffusion is greater

   (a) Solid

   (b) Liquid

   (c) Gas

   (d) Plasma

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

28. The metal used for making filament in an incandasent lamp

   (a) Tungsten

   (b) Tin

   (c) Zinc

   (d) Copper

29, Select the ore of Aluminium given below:

   (a) Magnetite

   (b) Cuprite

   (c) Bauxite

   (d) Heamatite

30. Light rays spread every where due to the irregular and repeated reflection known as:

   (a) Scattering

   (b) Dispersion

   (c) Spectrum

   (d) Refraction

31. On the 100 day of the Paliyam Satyagraha a freedom fighter met with tragic death in a police
lathi charge. What was his name?

   (a) A.G Velayudhan

   (b) Moyyarath Sankaran

   (c) K.VKunhambu

   (d) K.Krishnarn

32. In which year, the news paper Sujananandini was started?

   (a) 1886

   (b) 1891

   (c) 1897

   (d) 1912

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

33. Who was the pioneer among the social revolutionaries of Kerala?

   (a) Swami Vagbhatananda

   (b) Ayyankali
   (c) Vaikunda Swami

   (d) Brahmananda Sivayogi

34. The author Mokshapradipam was:

   (a) Brahmananda Sivayogi

   (b) Sree Narayana Guru

   (c) E.V Ramaswami Naikkar

   (d) Kumaranasan

35. Vaikunda Swami was also known as:

   (a) Ananda Swami

   (b) Goudapada Swami

   (c) Muthukutti Swami

   (d) Padma Pada Swami

36. Chattampi swamikal attained samadhi at:

   (a) Panmana

   (b) Kannammoola

   (c) Theppil

   (d) Paravur

37. The news paper Sujananandini was started by Kesavan Asan from

   (a) Chavara

   (b) Mayyanad

   (c) Kozhikode

   (d) Paravur

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

38. The famous pilgrim centre of Vaikam is situated on the banks of

   (a) Ashtamudi Lake

   (b) Vembanad Lake

   (c) Bekal Lake

   (d) Kumbala Lake

39. The length of river Chaliyar is:

   (a) 101 miles

   (b) 98 miles

   (c) 105 miles

   (d) 110 miles

40. The height of Agastyakutam, the southern most peak in western ghats:

   (a) 8841 ft

   (b) 8461 ft

   (c) 8621 ft

   (d) 6132 ft

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

41. Name of Japanese Emperor who paid an official visit to India recently:

   (a) Atsushi

   (b) Akihito

   (c) Hachiro

   (d) Akio

42. Who is the Odakkuzhal award winner 2013?

   (a) Sara Joseph

   (b) P.Surendran

   (c) K.R.Meera

   (d) G.Madhusoodanan

43. Who had won gold medal in the World Athletic Finals  2005

   (a) Grare Apats

   (b) rins Simsgins

   (c) Thsthyana Kottovs

   (d) Anju Bobi George

44. 11th Indo ASEAN summit held at

   (a) Brunei
   (b) Delhi
   (c) Bandong

   (d) Colembo

45 Miss Universe 2013 winner

   (a) Olivia Culpo

   (b) Gabriela Isler

   (c) Leils Lopes

   (d) Riyo Mori

46 Mars orbiter mission launced earth's orbit on

   (a) 10th November 2013

   (b) 7th November 2013

   (c) 5th November 2013

   (d) 4th November 2013

47. Who is the first sports person in India who had got Bharatharatna, the highest civilian award?

   (a) Sachin Tendulkar

   (b) Dhyan Chand

   (c) Milkhasing

   (d) Bhimsen Guru Raj Joshi

48, Who has become the Brand Ambassador of UNICEF for South Asia?

   (a) Sharmila Tagore

   (b) Amir Khan

   (c) Sachin Tendulkar

   (d) Priyanka Chopra

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

49. Name of the World Chess Champion of 2013:

   (a) Viswanathan Anand

   (b) Garri Casperov

   (c) Boris Vasilievich

   (d) Magnus Karlsen

50. First Woman Managing Director of LIC:

   (a) Usha Sangwan
   (b) Sunitha Sarma

   (c) Vijayalakshm

   (d) S.B.Mainak

51. In which part of Himalayas do we find the Karewa formation?

   (a) North Eastern Himalayas

   (b) Kashmir Himalayas

   (c) Eastern Himalays

   (d) Himachal-Utharakhand Himalayas

52. Simlipal Biosphere reserve situated in:

   (a) Bihar

   (b) Himachal Pradesh

   (c) Orissa

   (d) Punjab

53. On which of the following hill range is the Dodabeta Peak situated?

   (a) Niligii Hills

   (b) Cardamom Hilla

   (c) Ansmalai Hitle

   (d) Nallamsia Hilla

54. Rigur Soil is another name for the

   (a) Saline

   (b) Arid

   (c) Black soil

   (d) Laterite Soil

55. In which year National Planning Commission  was setup in India

   (a) 1938

   (b) 1950

   (c) 1948

   (d) 1949

56. The Delhi Durbar was organised by

   (a) Lord Eigin

   (b) Lond Curzon

   (c) Lod Rippon

   (d) Lond Lytton

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

57, All India Trade Union Congress was formed in 1920 at

   (a) Madras

   (b) Mumbai

   (c) Poona

   (d) Delhi

58. Indian Association was founded in

   (a) 1876

   (b) 1868

   (c) 1881

   (d) 1872

59. Who was the founder of Ahmadia Movement?

   (a) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

   (b) Moulana Hussain Ahmed

   (c) Mirza Ghuiam Ahmad
   (d) Moutana tiza Kharn

60. Indian Council  was passes in

   (a) 1935

   (b) 1919

   (c) 1921

   (d) 1909

(Question Cancelled by PSC)

61. Right to Property is now a

   (a) Legal rights

   (b) Civil right

   (c) Constitutional right

   (d) Economic right

62. The UPSC submits its annual reports to

   (a) Cabinet Secretariat

   (b) Parliament

   (c) The President

   (d) Home Minister

63. Who commended in the Constitutional Assembly that the Directive Principles of State Policy
is "like a cheque payable at the convenience of bank"?

   (a) Ambedkar

   (b) K.T.Shah

   (c) A.M.Kusru

   (d) Alladi Krishna Swamy lyyer

64. The tennure of Estimate Committee of Lok Sabha is:

   (a) 6 months

   (b) 1 year

   (c) 2 years

   (d) 3 years

65. The theory of basic structure of the constitution was propounded by the Supreme Court in

   (a) Minerva Mills case

   (b) S.R Bommai case
   (c) Golaknath ease

   (d) Keshavananda Bharati case

66. The minimum/maxium strength of a Legislative Assembly of a state is

   (a) 40/500

   (b) 50/500

   (c) 60/500
   (d) 70/500

67, Right to Education is included in which Article of the Indian Constitution?

   (a) Article 21

   (b) Artiele 21 A

   (c) Article 29

   (d) Article 30

68. Which Article provides the President of India to grand pardons?

   (a) Article 68
   (b) Article 69

   (c) Article 71

   (d) Article 72

69, Concurrent list in the Indian Constitution is taken from the Constitution of

   (a) Australia

   (b) Canad:a

   (c) Britain

   (d) USA

70. 80th Amendment of the Indian Constitution provide for

   (a) alternative scheme for sharing taxes between the Union and states
   (b) special provisions for the state

   (c) insertion of a new Article 21 A the States of Assam

   (d) special provision for SC/ST in the state of Arunachal Pradesh

71. The plural of dynamo is:

   (a) dynamo

   (b) dynamos

   (c) dynamoes

   (d) dynamose

72. Sheela is ____ tallest girl in the class:

   (a) a

   (b) the

   (c) None of these

   (d) an

73. Which of the following pairs is wrong?

   (a) lion-lioness

   (b) horse-mare

   (c) traitor-traitress

   (d) duke-dukess

74. He was absent ____ the class.

   (a) to

   (b) from

   (c) with

   (d) on

75. Which of the following is correct?

   (a) This is good furniture

   (b) These are good furnitures

   (c) This is a good fumiture

   (d) These are good furniture

76. A person who knows many languages is a:

   (a) prodigy

   (b) polyglot

   (c) paragon

   (d) polyandry

77. Neither John or Mary _______ applied for the post:

   (a) have

   (b) has

   (c) have been

   (d) has been

78. You can meet me at a ______ time

   (a) latter

   (b) later

   (c) last

   (d) latest

79. prevention is _____ than cure

   (a) better

   (b) good

   (c) best

   (d) less

80. One is responsible for _____  actions.

   (a) my

   (b) one's

   (c) her

   (d) his

81. "To awaken the people, it is the women who should be awakened. Once she is on the move the
family moves, the nation moves"

   (a) Mahatma Gandhi

   (b) Jawaharlal Nehru

   (c) Narendra Modi

   (d) Sarojini Naidu

82. _____ is an important scheme to provide food grains to poorest of the poor families

   (a) YAAI

   (b) ICDS

   (c) AAY

   (d) IAY

83. The first ICDS Project in Kerala was set up in 1975 at block

   (a) Sasthamcotta

   (b) Vengara

   (c) Pothencode

   (d) Valikkunnu

84. Kudumbashree was launched formally by Government of Kerala on:

   (a) 17th May 1998

   (b) 2nd October 1998

   (c) 15th August 1998

   (d) 17th May 1999

85. centrally sponsored scheme provide connectivity to unconnected habitations

   (a) SGSY

   (b) PMGSY

   (c) TRYSEM

   (d) SARAS

86. ________ was launched on 2nd October, 1993 with the objective of empowering the rural women
through building thrift habit, self reliance and confidence.

   (a) RLEGP

   (b) IAY

   (c) SGSY

   (d) MSY

87.  _____ is a local language enabled workflow based transaction level Management Information System in place to facilitate e - governance of Indira Awaas Yojana

   (a) Ays soft

   (b) Aaas soh

   (c) IYA Soft

   (d) Awass soft

88. The basic objective of the ______ to improve the quality of life of people and overall habitat in the rural areas

   (a) SAY

   (b) DAY

   (c) HAY

   (d) lAY

99. ___________  is the first scheme of its kind meant exclusively for slum dwellers with a
Government of India subsidy of 50 percent.

   (a) KLEGP

   (b) DPADP

   (c) VAMBAY

   (d) NRHM

90 ________ is the focal point for the delivery of services at community levels to children below six years of age, pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescent girls

   (a) Primary Health Centre

   (b) Continuing Educaiton Centre

   (c) Anganwadi

   (d) Child Development Centre

91. Which hardware device is used to interconnect different types of networks with different

   (a) Bridge

   (b) Gateway

   (c) Router

   (d) Repeater

92. A collection of four bits is called

   (a) Nibble

   (c) Word

   (b) Byte

   (d) Double Word

93. The Walkie Talkie is an example of which mode of communication?

   (a) Simplex

   (b) Half Duplex

   (c) Duplex

   (d) None of the above

94. A Device that combines data from multiple computers and load them on a common communication channel is:

   (a) Modem

   (b) Repeater

   (c) Multiplexer

   (d) Encoder

95. In the e-mail address admin@vms.org, "vms" is the

   (a) Host name with commercial domain

   (b) Host name with non commercial domain

   (c) Client name with educational domain

   (d) Client name with government domain

96. _____ is the modification of software to remove or disable features which are undesirable by a person.

   (a) Software hacking

   (b) Software licensing

   (c) Software piracy

   (d) Software cracking

97. Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean are the latest versions of which Operating System?

   (a) Ubuntu

   (b) Android

   (c) Apple

   (d) Unix

98. E-mail that appears to have been originated from one source when it was actually sent from
another source is referred to as:

   (a) E-mail Spoofing

   (b) E-mail bombing

   (c) E-mail Spamming

   (d) None of the above

99. When did information Technology Act come into force in India?

   (a) Oct. 17th 2000

   (b) Oct. 17th 2001

   (c) June 4th 2000

   (d) June 4th 2001

100. Data diddling involves:

   (a) Destroying data before input to the computer

   (b) Unauthorized copying of data

   (c) Changing data into information

   (d) Changing data prior or during input to the computer

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