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Became Union territory in 1956 November 1
Capital Kavaratti
High Court Kerala
Districts 1
Rajaya Sabha Seat 0
Lok Sabha Seat 1
Official Language Malayalam
Official Animal Butterfly Fish
Official Bird Sooty Tern
Official Fruit Bread Fruit

  • Situated in the Arabian sea
  • Lakshadweep consists of 36 islands
  • Only 10 islands are inhabitable
  • The smallest union territory of India
  • The least populated union territory of India
  • The union territory that has the highest literacy rate in India
  • The union territory that has the largest forest area in terms of percentage
  • The union territory which does not contains any river

  • During 16th century Lakshadweep was ruled by : Chiraykkal Dynasty 
  • The capital of Lakshadweep till 1964 : Kozhikode
  • The old name of Lakshadweep : Laccadive Island
  • In 1973, the name Lakshadweep was introduced
  • The largest island of Lakshadweep : Andrott
  • The smallest island of Lakshadweep : Bitra
  • The most populous island of Lakshadweep : Kavaratti
  • The southernmost island of Lakshadweep : Minicoy
  • The official language of Minicoy : Mahal
  • The channel which separates Minicoy from other islands of Lakshadweep : 9-degree channel
  • The country that lies near to Lakshadweep : Maldives
  • World's first Low-Temperature Thermal Desalination Plant (LTTD) is situated in : Kavaratti (2005)
  • Bird Sanctuary in Lakshadweep : Pitti
  • Agatti Airport is in Lakshadweep
  • Muslim religion was preached in Lakshadweep by : St. Ubaidullah

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